A Summer To Do List

Summer is now in full swing, it seems the weather has finally caught up with us! These long sunny days feel like such a treat after weeks of grey and rain, and this year I’m on a mission to make the absolute most of it. So without any further ramblings, here’s my full summer fun to do list!

summer to do list jaye rockett picnic rose wine flowers garden fruit

Host a girls night on our balcony! Our new balcony furniture arrives tomorrow 0only two years after we moved in to the flat. I’m excited to hang fairy lights, get some plants out there, then scatter cushions and blankets on the sofas, get some wine and cheese, and my best ladies over for a hang out. We get some gorgeous sunset views on our balcony, and with the weather being milder it seems like the perfect excuse!

Swim in the sea. Since writing this post on Friday I have actually had my first sea swim of 2019, and it was SO nice. We’re really lucky to live a ten minute walk from sandy beaches with clear seas. I’m pretty nervous about sea swimming (mostly because I hate fish and just FREAK OUT if I see them) but the water here is clear and mostly critter free. A swim was the perfect antidote to thirty degree weather, it was so refreshing and fun. I’m excited for more of this this summer.

summer to do list jaye rockett picnic rose wine flowers garden fruit

Do a beach clean up. We may be lucky and appreciative of our gorgeous local beaches, but not everyone looks after them so well. It’s quite scary how many people think it’s okay to just leave their litter behind after a beach day. We’ll be taking our evening walks down to the coast, and picking up litter where we can to help keep our beaches clean.

Host a barbecue. Once our new balcony furniture arrives, we will finally have the perfect space to barbecue! Family barbecues are something I always look forward to in the summer, but it’ll be nice for my parents to not have to host for a change! I’m excited to invite them over for burgers and salad, and maybe a cheeky G&T or two!

summer to do list jaye rockett picnic rose wine flowers garden fruit

Summer picnic. Yes, yes, I’m aware a lot of these to dos seem to be food related! The photos in this blog post were taken when my pal Kelly invited us over for a summer solstice picnic, and we had the best time. Rose, fresh strawberries, and bread smothered in brie, what more could a gal want?! I’m excited to pack up my new cool bag with summery treats, and make picnics a more regular occurrence while the weather is still good.

Visit the pick your own farm. There’s nothing better than fresh local strawberries in the summer, and our local pick your own farm is currently full of them! I’m looking forward to popping down after work one evening this week to pick some, and then eating them for breakfast, making fresh smoothies, maybe even blitzing some into Frosé for girls night!

summer to do list jaye rockett picnic rose wine flowers garden fruit

Plant a herb garden. Now that we kinda know what we’re doing with our balcony space, I can finally devote some of it to a mini herb garden! I want to plant mint, coriander and rosemary for summer cooking and cocktail endeavours!

Experiment with braiding my hair. I had a load of my hair cut off last week, I always crave shorter hair in hot weather. I’m a pretty skilled braider, years of french and dutch braiding hair for dance exams comes in handy, but I’d like to experiment with some different braids to keep my hair off my face and out of the way in the hot weather. Pinterest here I come!

summer to do list jaye rockett picnic rose wine flowers garden fruit

Take photos in my swimsuit. A few years back I went to Ibiza with some gorgeous blogging pals, and the whole trip was one instagram dream. These girls gave me the confidence to snap bikini pictures by the pool, something I previously never would have done, but something that feels so powerful and confident. I love looking back at those photos, and always feel great when I see them, so I’m excited to take more this summer. Every body is a beach body, flaunt yours!

Book an end of summer getaway. This summer is shaping up to be a busy one for us with work, so we need to wait until September before stealing away for a week. We’re looking to book something hot, sunny and luxurious for a week of total relaxation before the winter. Any suggestions, let me know!

summer to do list jaye rockett picnic rose wine flowers garden fruit

Make the most of the seasonal bounty. Eat fresh peaches, buy sunflower stems for your home, photograph blooming bougainvillia. Summer brings so many fantastic seasonal treats for us to enjoy, I want to make the most of it.

Practise yoga outside. So many places are offering outdoor yoga classes this summer! We’ve got free classes in the gardens on a Sunday, affordable evening classes on the beach, the opportunities are endless. Practising yoga outside is not only a perfect excuse to catch some extra sun, but it adds another level of mindfulness to your practise. There’s something so grounding about practising yoga in nature!

summer to do list jaye rockett picnic rose wine flowers garden fruit

Perfect my at home iced coffee recipe. My Nespresso machine might be my favourite thing in the flat. I’ve never quite mastered the at home iced coffee though, so that’s something I need to work on this summer! I’m a big fan of an iced maple latte, and I know Con would love if I can figure out how to recreate a Starbucks caramel frappuccino!

Summer Bucket List  jaye rockett

What’s on your summer to do list?