Books I Read in September

It’s been a book heavy month! Surprising really since I started my MA and have been swamped with work, but I have really enjoyed reading this month. I’ve also stepped outside of my comfort zone a fair bit too, looks like my Uni reading list is going to keep pushing my literature boundaries so let’s…

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Books I’ve Read and Loved In Lockdown

With nothing but time on my hands, my Goodreads reading challenge has definitely gone easier than expected! I’ve been making an effort to read more in lockdown (and not just, you know, play Animal Crossing all day). Thankfully, the weather in Bournemouth has, for the most part, been glorious, so sitting out in the sun with a…

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Lockdown Loves

How’s everyone’s lockdown going? For me, things haven’t really changed, I was stuck at home with chronic illness recovering from surgery before lockdown, so it’s all much of the same – with less Starbucks. Anyway, let’s not dwell on the dreaded C-word, instead, I wanted to share a few things making my lockdown a lil…

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