Hi, I’m Jaye, adopted Londoner, living back home by the seaside.

I’m a Fashion Journalism graduate from London College of Fashion, with a penchant for good stationery and complicated Starbucks orders. I spend half my time buying makeup, and the other half blogging about it from the comfort of my bed.

Jayerockett.com is a corner of the internet for all the things that make me happy. I believe in seeking every day magic, so you’ll find that documented here.

You’ll find (mostly) daily updates on all things beauty and fashion, as well as ramblings from my day to day life. You can get in touch with me via email (hello@jayerockett.com) or you can tweet me here!  I like buying new lipsticks and ordering pizza, taking pretty photos and exploring new places. Brunch is my favourite meal of the day, I have a small notepad addiction, and I love staying home. I’m a serial list maker, Dorito eater and Netflix binger. Emoji enthusiast and emotional shopper with a penchant for a dirty chai or four.

My beautiful branding was created by the incredible Daphne, who really is a wizard. You can find her on Instagram here and her freelance website is coming soon!


I’m open to all ideas, just drop me an email at hello@jayerockett.com and let’s see what we can create!