Current Haircare Loves

My haircare routine largely remains the same. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it has always been my motto, and as someone with difficult hair, I try and stick with the products I know will work. Recently though, there have been a few new additions to my routine, ones that have impressed me enough to earn a shoutout.

Jaye rockett haircare favourites

I ran out of my beloved IGK dry shampoos, and whilst I adore them, they come with a seriously hefty price tag. I decided to try out the Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk before splurging on more IGK, since I had two bottles of this kicking around from my last french pharmacy run. I’m glad I did because I actually love this. It’s definitely heavier than some dry shampoos, but that means it really works. I like to spray this into my hair before bed, go a little more heavy handed than usual, massage it in, and then wake up to hair that can live to stand another day without washing. It’s not the cheapest to get ahold of in the uk, but in France you can nab a double pack for under 8€ in the pharmacies.

Verb has been a favourite brand of mine for a long time, their haircare products are simple and effective. I’ve recently been reunited with the Verb Ghost Oil, a long term favourite of mine that’s come in really handy since lightening my hair. As the name would suggest, it’s a hydrating oil for the hair, but the serum texture means it’s light and non greasy when you apply this. I run this through damp hair for hydration, and use to smooth flyaways too.

Jaye rockett haircare favourites

I also recently added the Verb Sea Spray to my daily roster of haircare and I’m loving it. Since my hair is a bit shorter now, I have to put in the work to give it the texture and volume I’m after. This sea spray is perfect for spritzing in freshly styled hair to mess it up a little, get it looking a little less perfect, and adding hold. It’s lightweight, not sticky and it smells good to boot.

And lastly, I’ve been trying out a few new bits from Kristen Ess, since it launched in Boots earlier this year. I like a few of their products, but the standout for me has been the Leave In Conditioner. Being a curly haired gal, leave in conditioner is a must, but I hate that feeling of hair that’s weighed down with product. Really, you’d never know you’d used this product, it doesn’t leave any residue or heavy feeling, but my word does it make your locks so glossy and soft. It’s just at the top end of budget friendly, but it comes in a giant bottle that’ll last you an age.

Jaye rockett haircare favourites

What haircare products are you loving right now?