12 Things To Do When You Have Time To Yourself

In this hectic, fast paced world we live in, alone time can feel like a rare commodity. However, it’s something I’ve been prioritising recently, and something I’ve had in abundance whilst I’ve been having my treatment. I used to feel a little overwhelmed at the prospect of alone time, I was never sure what to do with myself and would end up wasting the time away bored. Nowadays though, there’s always a hundred things I want to do, so I thought I’d share a few of my favourites with you, in case you have a little unscheduled alone time coming up to fill.

Jaye Rockett What to Do With Alone Time

Take yourself for a coffee date somewhere new. I love flicking through the South West Independent Coffee Guide for a new one off coffee spot, but a cosy Starbucks will do. Take a book, a pair of headphones, or a notebook to do some journaling, doodling or list making. Order your favourite coffee and watch the world go by.

Make plans to look forward to. Start planning your next trip, get a coffee date in the diary with a pal, find a nearby town to explore on your next day off, or schedule in a Skype date with a friend. Write it into your diary and get excited about it.

Learn something new. I’m honestly so obsessed with Skillshare, but there’s also plenty of free resources online, on YouTube or even free online courses with the OU.

Jaye Rockett What to Do With Alone Time

Meditate. So much easier to do without your boyfriend banging about in the kitchen. Find a cosy spot in your home, or in the garden when the sun is shining, pop your headphones in and lose yourself for twenty minutes.

Go for a walk, but drive for ten minutes first. This is something I recently started doing after getting fed up of doing the same lap of our house every day. I hop in my car, drive in any which way direction for around ten minutes, and then I get out and walk. It’s a great way to see more of the area, you notice things walking you never would when driving, and it’s a really calming experience to walk somewhere different and pay attention.

Stretch it out. I never used to work out because ‘I didn’t have the time’. Since realising that working out doesn’t have to look like an hour in the gym, I’ve started spending even as little as ten minutes on my yoga mat as and when I have the time. There’s no faffing about packing a bag, driving to the gym, and changing room malarkey, just me on my mat in the flat, doing whatever stretches feel good.

Jaye Rockett What to Do With Alone Time

Journal. Yeah I know I talk about it all the time, but it’s for good reason. Journaling is a great way to process your emotions, clear your head and work stuff out. This is my go to when I have free time! Check out some journaling prompts to get you started here.

Organise that junk pile you’ve been putting off. We all have one, hidden in a draw, cupboard or piled up in a spare bedroom. Stick some music on, grab a coffee and set yourself the goal of clearing as much as you can in a time limit. It stops it from getting boring and motivates you to get it done faster, no procrastinating!

A long ol’ bubble bath. When was the last time you stayed in the bath that it went cold even after a top up? You know those baths where you do it all, read a book, catch up on a tv show, face mask, hair mask, shaved legs, body scrubs, the whole shebang. Indulge in some serious self care and a Lush bath bomb (or two).

Jaye Rockett What to Do With Alone Time

Find a way to document your favourite memories. Print out your favourite snaps, scribble notes on receipts or in a notebook, and find away to collate the lot. Maybe you have photo frames out around the house that could be updated, maybe you have a photo album that needs filling up, or perhaps you have an unused notebook lying around that would make a great journal.

Try a new recipe. I love to cook, but only when I have the time to do it. You’ll never catch me trying a new recipe out midweek when I’m tired and hungry. Pick up a neglected recipe book and try something new, get the recipe down so that next time you don’t know what to cook for dinner, you’ve got something new to call on.

Have a nap. Probably the most indulgent of them all, but when did you last have a nap? I think we’re all running on slightly less sleep than we need, and would all benefit from an extra hour or two of shut eye. If you can’t nap, take a cup of tea and a book to bed, put your phone away and get a couple hours of quiet time.

Jaye Rockett What to Do With Alone Time

How do you like to spend your alone time?