Spring Journal Prompts

You know by now I’m a big fan of journaling on every level, as a deep and meaningful tool to work through problems, as a way of making fun lists and as a way of memory keeping. I thought I’d share some spring journal prompts today, ones I’ve already tried and some I’m looking forward to doing over the coming weeks.

✧ List the signs of spring as they appear.

✧ Create your perfect spring playlist, how do the songs make you feel?

✧ What are your favourite things to do on a rainy spring day?

✧ Reflect on the last season, and make a list of what you want to bring into spring with you.

✧ What’s on your spring bucketlist?

✧ What does the view look like out of your bedroom window in the springtime?

✧ Describe your perfect spring day.

✧ What food and drink reminds you of spring?

✧ Describe a single spring moment in as much detail as possible.

✧ Write a letter describing the best bits of spring to read in the dark of winter.

jaye rockett spring journal flatlay tea notebooks pen bed candle eucalyptus

Do you enjoy journaling?