Sunday Rituals To Try This Weekend

Sundays for me need to serve two very specific functions. One, they need to be restful and restorative, a time to reflect on the week past, and allow your body time to recover ready for the week ahead. And two, they need to set you up well for the days ahead. That’s why all the activities I partake in on a Sunday tend to either be things that are good for my mental health, or things that are productive. The long weekend seems like the perfect excuse to try out some new Sunday rituals, so here are some of my favourites.

No phones before midday.

Now, I know this isn’t always possible, but I try and keep my phone usage to an absolute minimum on a Sunday. Nobody needs to be waking up on a Sunday morning and instantly scrolling through their Twitter feed, reading Whatsapps or even worse, emails. We try and make Sundays a time for quiet reflection and connection, and you don’t need screens for that. We take our first coffees of the day back to bed, and chat, or read a book, flick through a magazine and really connect with the content without any background distraction. The more time spent away from screens the better in my opinion, my mental health thrives away from the noise of social media.

sunday rituals jaye rockett

Cook a nutritious breakfast together.

Sunday breakfast is always a pretty decadent affair in our house. Off the treatment diet there’d be french toast, homemade cinnamon rolls or a big ol bacon sandwich for days when the hangover is real. These days we rotate between Shakshuka and a big ol fry up of farmers market sausages, fresh avocado, garlic mushrooms, griddled tomatoes and homemade corn fritters. We put on our favourite sing along Kisstory playlist and navigate the kitchen together in our PJs, freshly squeezing oranges and brewing a fresh pot of coffee. It’s my favourite time of the week.

sunday rituals jaye rockett

Mental health reset.

I have a list on my phone and in my journal of all the things I need to feel mentally strong. It includes things like time spent in nature, meaningful connections with friends, meditation, time spent being creative, gentle movement, reading and time spent doing nothing at all. I like to try and get a little of this in everyday, but Sunday is really my day to fill my mental health bucket back up, so to speak. So I make time to read, or go for a walk outside, or take my laptop somewhere to concentrate on writing. I figure out what my week has been lacking and spend some time on the pursuits I need more of. I really recommend taking the time to make a list like this, it’s a great way to practise some simple self care.

sunday rituals jaye rockett

Meal prepping.

Something I do without fail every Sunday, is prep a few dishes for the week ahead. Sometimes it’s as simple as just throwing a chicken in the oven so we have meat to use throughout the week, other times I’ll mix up a soup, bake some eggs for quick snacks, or prep something hearty like a chilli. As we move into warmer weather, I’ve got a few different salad dishes I like to mix up and store in glass tupperware dishes in the fridge to mix and match for lunches. This is such an important Sunday to do for me, as it really takes the pressure off of meal times in the week, and there’s no frustration at not having anything ready for a quick meal when you’re hungry.

sunday rituals jaye rockett

What are your favourite Sunday rituals?