Finding New Places To Explore

As we head into summer, I’m making a point to try and explore closer to home a little more. It’s easy to fill our days off headed to our same favourite spots, but it’s nice to get a mix of days spent in our usual haunts, as well as days exploring somewhere new. Last week on Instagram, a few people asked me how I find new places to explore, and I thought you might be interested in my tips too.

Botanical Gardens.

I have a reputation as a bit of a crazy plant lady and honestly I’m FINE with that. Plants make me happy okay? I firmly believe that spending time around plants is good for the soul, so any excuse to visit a botanical garden and I’m THERE. I love exploring greenhouses, pottering around specialist gardens, and lying out on a manicured lawn with an iced coffee on a hot day. The entry price for places like Kew and the Cambridge Botanical Gardens (photographed here) goes towards furthering research too!

places to explore jaye rockett cambridge botanic garden

Forestry Commission.

My favourite days are ones spent out in the forest. We’re lucky enough to live on the doorstep of one of the UK’s biggest national forests, but the Forestry Commission runs a surprising amount of land in the UK, you’re guaranteed to find a spot near you. Check out their website where you can search by activity or location, and get outside.

places to explore jaye rockett cambridge botanic garden
places to explore jaye rockett cambridge botanic garden

Independent Coffee Shops.

One caffeine addict to another, you know an afternoon spent in a coffee shop is never a wasted one. I’ve been consulting the South West and South Wales Independent Coffee Guide to find my next coffee spots, and it’s become a fun way of finding a new town to explore. We make a beeline for the coffee shop, spend some time sipping coffee and watching the world go by, and then we ask the baristas where is worth a visit nearby! Or we just while away an afternoon with a stack of books and a neverending supply of caffeine.

places to explore jaye rockett cambridge botanic garden

English Heritage Sites.

I love a bit of local history, and I’m constantly browsing the English Heritage site to find new local spots to explore. A lot of their sites are completely free to visit and they’re pretty much always in super dreamy locations. Check out the map on their website to find a spot near you.

How do you find somewhere new to explore?