Best Purchases of February

You guys seemed to enjoy my Best Purchases of January Post so I’m back again rounding up my favourite buys from February. I’m spending more money than I usually would at the moment, being housebound and unable to spend my money on food means I have a little more expendable cash than usual. I’ve upped the amount into my savings, but a bit more liquid cash + a reduction in outgoings (I’ve not been buying food/coffee out, petrol, or really going out at all) means that I’ve splurged on a few big items this month! So without further ado, the best purchases of February!

Jaye rockett ugg shopping bag bed pink pillows

Ugg Scuffette Slippers.

A purchase I’ve been waiting to make since the beginning of winter! Previously I’ve not been much of a slipper gal, but my circulation has been worse this winter, and I’ve been spending more time at home, so I started pining for some seriously soft slippers. I did a lot of research but ultimately ended up going for Uggs. I’ve had my eye on the moccasin style slippers for a while but I ended up not liking them when I tried them on, they were a bit too restrictive and shoe-like for me. So I ended up with these, I love the dusky pink shade, how warm and snuggly they are, and how easy to slip on and off they are. My feet have never been so toasty, and I think Con’s going to end up buying himself a pair too now, he’s getting slipper envy!

jaye rockett nars skin deep palette

NARS Skin Deep Eyeshadow Palette.

I’ve bought a fair bit of makeup this month, a combination of things running out, good sales + some cracking new releases. The star of the show has to be the NARS Skin Deep Palette though, the ultimate nude shadow lovers dream. I really do think this is the perfect shadow palette, it’s got every colour you could want, a giant mirror and shades that could definitely double up as contour/bronzer/highlight. As always with NARS the formula is impeccable, and I really love how they’ve made the essential base, crease and liner shades bigger.

jaye rockett mulberry bag
jaye rockett mulberry bag

Mulberry Mini Bayswater Backpack.

See I told you things got splurgey! I had some money leftover from Christmas and after a particularly tough doctors appointment, we drove home past the Mulberry Factory Outlet and… well, worth every penny. I’m obsessed with this bag, it’s the perfect everyday number, just the right size for all my everyday essentials, and it can be worn as a backpack or as a crossbody bag. It was half off in the outlet which was a total steal!

Jaye rockett 5 to buy in march hashtag authentic sara tasker book

Sara Tasker’s Hashtag Authentic.

A book favourite to mention, my preorder of the incredible Sara Tasker’s book arrived this month! If you’re interested in Instagram, photography or even just slow living, this book is an absolute must. Not only is it packed with great tips, it’s pretty bloody beautiful to boot. I’ve felt SO inspired reading this and can’t wait to experiment with some new photo styles!

What have been your best purchases this month?