The Best Purchases of January

Thank god that’s over, hey! January is always the longest, gloomiest, dreariest month, and getting through it feels like passing the first test of the year. I thought it might be fun to share my favourite purchases of the month with you guys, I know people normally share hauls but this way I figure I’m showing you the best of the best! So, without further ado, some purchases from January that have made me super happy!

New Shoes.

I had a real crisis of wardrobe at the beginning of the month, with the realisation that I only seemed to own boots and black trainers. One ASOS order and a short 24 hours later and I am the proud new owner of two new pairs of versatile flats. I’ve been after a pair of white Converse for approximately a million years now so I finally bit the bullet aided by ASOS’s 20% student discount. I love how comfortable Converse are (far superior to Vans), and I think these white ones will go with everything. I also ordered these cute leopard flats to wear with jeans and my smarter trousers during the day, they’re definitely a marmite shoe but I love them (and the price tag was pretty pleasing too). Both of these pairs of shoes were super comfortable from the get go, which is always a bonus.

A Spiralizer.

From shoes to vegetables, oh how the mighty fall! With the sad diet of my first quarter in full swing, I decided going to my mum’s every time I wanted to spiralize a courgette was fairly impractical. We picked this one up for a whole £10 in Sainsbury’s and it’s great. Vegetables happily spiralized. Still not as good as pasta.

Ren Glow Daily Vitamin C Gel Cream and IGK CryBaby Serum

A Space NK Splurge.

I had an I’m-Fed-Up-I’m-Going-To-Shop-Myself-Happier moment back at the beginning of the month and hit up my local Space NK (I’m almost on a first name basis with the girls that work there now). I came out with two pretty thought out purchases, both of which have turned out to be fantastic splurges. I ran out of my morning moisturiser, so I decided to give the new Ren Glow Daily Vitamin C Gel Cream because I had an inkling we’d get on. And boy was I right! Using a Vitamin C moisturiser always really wakes my skin up, and whilst I love the Origins Ginzing, I find it a bit more greasy-than-moisturising. This Ren number is perfect though! I’ve been using it for three weeks now and my skin just loves it!

I also treated myself to the latest drop from IGK – which we all know I loveThe new serum, CryBaby, is exactly what my thirsty, frizzy, curls have been asking for. It’s coconut oil formula hydrates hair and replenishes proteins, and when I smooth a pump of this through dry hair, it’s like an instant blowout.

Rifle paper co to do list

A New To Do List.

I can’t help myself when it comes to Rifle Paper Co stationery, so when I spotted this dreamy to do list in Waterstones with Tami, it was obviously coming home with me. I’ve been washi-taping this into my planner for the week ahead so when I think of a to do for the week ahead I have a designated spot to keep track. It’s great for scribbling down lists on the go, photo’s to be taken, groceries to grab, basically everything. And yeah, I probably could do any of those things on a scrap of paper, but isn’t this so much prettier!

An Electric Toothbrush.

I know, I know, I’m super late to this party. I had an electric toothbrush a while back and when it stopped working, I never got round to replacing it. After my dental drama’s at the end of last year (brush your teeth kids!) it was top of my to do list, so I picked up the Oral B Pro 2500 on Amazon in the sale. It clocked in at a whole £35, comes with a handy travel case, and my teeth are already thanking me for it. Not the sexiest topic, but hey, we all have teeth! (hopefully)

A New Apple Watch Strap.

My baby pink sports band is looking more grey these days, I think it picked up the dye from my new jeans and I can’t get it off. I like the sports bands because they’re good for everyday, you can wear them in the shower, in the pool, at the gym, but I wanted something a little different. I ended up picking up this watch strap from Amazon, because it’s basically identical to the Apple Nylon strap, but less than half the price. It’s a cute colour and it’s comfortable, so total steal!

So there we go, the best purchases of January! What have you purchased this month that was worth the pennies? And what’s on your to buy list for February?!