A New In Beauty Haul

Yeah I know, shocker, I’ve been spending money again. For someone who’s barely worn makeup in 2019 so far, I’ve certainly bought a lot of it. I’ll spare you the justifications of a beauty addict and get straight into the haul, shall I?

Nars Skin Deep Eyeshadow Palette

I’d had my eye on the NARS Skin Deep Eyeshadow Palette since it’s launch, but it had been out of stock in my local Space NK so I’d managed to resist. It came back into stock at the same time as the sale so I’m glad I waited to see it in person rather than just going ahead and ordering online! I’m such a NARS fan girl anyway, but their eyeshadows really are the bomb. All the shades in this palette are so versatile and wearable, and I love that the everyday highlight/base/transition shades have bigger pans, I always run out of these first. I can see this becoming my go to travel palette for sure.

jaye rockett nars radiant creamy concealer

The Space NK £15 off £60 spend has a lot to answer for! I ended up restocking my NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Vanilla, I use Vanilla under my eyes and Custard on my face. I come back to this concealer time and time again, it’s just the best for high coverage and long wear, whilst still looking natural on the skin.

Jaye Rockett By Terry Ombre Blackstar Misty Rock

I used the sale as an excuse to finally pick up the By Terry Ombre Blackstar in Misty Rock, a bit of a cult blogger classic that one! I’d always lusted after it but saw an eye look with it recently that sealed the deal. I’m a big fan of these easy cream shadows that you can swipe on for an instant eye look. I’ve only used this once so far but I was super impressed with how it held up throughout the day, it still looked perfect 10 hours after application.

Jaye Rockett Hourglass Girl Lip Stylo Peacemaker

I had my eye on the Hourglass Girl Lip Stylo’s for a while, so when I saw that my local Space NK had gained an Hourglass counter, it was a great excuse to have a swatch. I ended up picking up the shade Peacemaker which I think might be my perfect everyday nude. The perfect balance between brown, pink and peach, it’s a really comfortable gloss formula and the pencil style packaging makes application a breeze.

Jaye rocket YSL Hearts and Arrows Rouge Volupte Shine

Moving on from Space NK, I couldn’t resist picking up a lipstick from the limited edition Hearts and Arrows collection by YSL. I went for the shade Coral Intuitive, a nudey peach that is just perfect for Spring. I used to work for YSL back in the day and still have a soft spot for their lipsticks, they’re so luxurious. And I mean come on, how cute is this packaging.

Jaye Rockett MAC Brush Cleanser

I nipped over to MAC to restock on my Brush Cleanser, which honestly I think is a staple everyone should have. It makes spot cleaning brushes quickly so easy, and is especially handy for eyeshadow brushes.

Jaye Rockett MAC Powder Kiss Sultry Move Nars Skin Deep Palette

Of course you can’t really go to MAC and buy one thing, so, er, I didn’t. I was super intrigued by the new Powder Kiss Lipsticks, and ended up going for the shade Sultry Nude, a nude lip that errs just on the brown side of neutral. I love this formula so much, a soft, long wearing matte lip that’s just so comfortable on the lips. It kind of reminds me of the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lipsticks which can only be a good thing. I haven’t bought a MAC lipstick in so long, I’m looking forward to using this!

Jaye Rockett MAC Liquid Dazzleshadow Rayon Rays
Jaye Rockett MAC Liquid Dazzleshadow Rayon Rays

And finally, before my bank balance truly began weeping, I grabbed the MAC Liquid Dazzleshadow in Rayon Rays. I saw a tutorial with this recently and I was just smitten, a glitzy bronze one-wash-wonder? Yes please! So far I’m really impressed with how easily this blends out, and how long it lasts.

Jaye Rockett Makeup Beauty Haul Nars Skin deep palette YSL MAC

Phew. Okay I’m hiding my purse for a while!

Have you bought any beauty bits recently?