How To Make Your Home Feel Cosy

One of the biggest compliments you could pay me, is telling me my home looks cosy. Whether that’s because you’ve popped in for a cup of tea, or you’ve seen it on Instagram, when people tell me my home is cosy my heart soars. And luckily, it’s a thing I get told fairly frequently. I’ve worked hard in the almost two years we’ve lived in our flat (which I still call our new flat by the way) to make it feel as cosy and homely as possible.

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While we were in London we lived in rented accommodation with useless landlords. We had to fight for basic maintenance, we were vehemently forbidden from hanging anything at all on the walls, we had shitty furniture the landlord wouldn’t take away and we had check ins every other month to check we hadn’t hung a mirror or changed the curtains, or heaven forbid touched up the flaking paint. I know, a total waste of time. Because of that, I became a bit of an expert in making a home cosy, even when you’re renting.

(A note to say that whilst we are still renting, we actually rent a property my parents own now. They’re much better landlords, let us pick out pretty much everything in the flat, and certainly have no qualms about us hanging the odd mirror or print.)

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I know I’m a bit of a crazy plant lady these days, but I honestly believe plants are the key to a cosy home. Plants add life into a room, they make a home feel lived in, they suggest care, and let’s not forget that having a plant or four around is pretty good for the air quality too. Check out my guide to houseplants that are easy to keep alive


I’m a big believer in keeping your books out on display. Books add so much personality to a room, they tell a visitor about who you are. There’s nothing like a stack of well thumbed books to make a room feel lived in and cosy.

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We spent a ton of money having all our ceiling lights in the flat changed to spotlights and honestly? We never turn them on. As soon as the sun starts to dip, we turn on our army of lamps and light candles. I hate harsh lighting so much, a well placed, warm-bulbed lamp adds so much more to a room. It’s softer, warmer, cosier. I love Oliver Bonas, Ikea and Next for good lamps.

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I love a good print, in fact, I can’t stop buying them. I’m constantly browsing Etsy looking for something new to hang (prop up) in our home. Prints are a great way to break up blank wall space, and inject a little of your personality into a room. We have prints from Desenio, Oliver Bonas, Etsy + West Elm, and I love them all. I just need to get around to hanging them.

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I say ‘trinkets’ because that’s the only word I can think of to describe what I mean here. To me, trinkets are the bits and pieces you have out in your home that don’t necessarily add any purpose, but serve as decor or a momento of your personality. Personally, I have a bit of a thing for crystals, objects made of brass, trays, and momentos I’ve picked up on my travels. There’s a fine line between having a few trinkets out and then clutter, but it’s a line I like to tread! Some of my favourite pieces include my brass cactus, my glass dome, and the mask I bought back from Venice.

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Soft Furnishings.

Every spare surface in our home is draped with a blanket or covered in cushions. There’s something about having soft furnishings to hand that just makes people want to snuggle up and feel at home. Judging by the number of times my dad has visited and fallen asleep on our sofa, it’s working.

Fresh Flowers.

And finally, you can’t beat a bunch of fresh flowers! When I see a room with fresh flowers in it always says to me ‘we love this room and we’re spending quality time in hear’. It doesn’t have to cost the earth, I generally pick up a simple bunch or two with a supermarket shop and spread them out in different vases in different rooms. Also check out your local florist for dried flowers, they cost more but last forever and are just as beautiful!

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What makes your home feel cosy?