Books I Read in April

You’d think since I spent most of April in bed with Covid, I’d have racked up a fair few reads, but alas, Covid brain is definitely a real thing. My reading speed PLUMMETED and I went a full two weeks in the height of it where I didn’t read a thing. That said, there are still some great reads in this round up, so without further ado, the books I read in April!

*A note to say a lot of these books were gifted by the publishers, but as always it doesn’t affect my review, and I only accept books I would have bought anyway!

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A kindle lies on a bed, on top of a navy blue blanket and a pink constellation pillow. On the screen of the kindle is the cover of the book These Twisted Bonds by Lexi Ryan, which shows a silver throne covered in ivy.

These Twisted Bonds – Lexi Ryan

Advance copy gifted by publishers, release date July 19th 2022.

Hot fae summer is back ???

I’m so glad this is a duology and not a trilogy, the pacing of this series is spot on. Fast paced enough to stay engaging, whilst lingering in a few choice moments to really keep the vibes going.

This is a fun fae love triangle read with spice & violence – what more could you want?

I loved meeting more characters and uncovering more of the OG cast’s motivation. I loved Misha so much, and I loved seeing Brie stop focusing on her insecurities and build friendships & a life in the fae world. Brie’s character development in this is A++.

One I’ll be recommending for ACOTAR and Holly Black fans!


The Drowned Woods – Emily Lloyd-Jones

Advance copy gifted by publishers, release date August 16th 2022.

Nobody does magical stand-alones like Emily Lloyd-Jones.

Steeped in atmospheric folklore, this is a fast paced fantasy read, featuring a corgi you will fall in love with.
This book has moody characters, slow burn romance, bisexual rep, a heist, female guild leaders, welsh mythology, a magic system that will make your spine tingle and of course, a corgi who could be a spy.

In short, I loved it, and will continue to recommend ELJ’s books to everyone.


The Atlas Six – Olivie Blake

The most infuriating book I’ve read in a while.

This had SO MUCH POTENTIAL, but the only interesting part is the last fifty pages? And even that is all telling no showing.

I wanted intriguing, compelling characters, a magical library. What I got was 320 pages of wanky posturing, and caricatures of characters. With six point of view characters there’s not enough time to get in anyones head, and the details the author focuses on are honestly just disinteresting. She also very clearly favours certain characters over others, giving them far more chapters.

All that said, the concept unravelled at the end is intriguing enough to have redeemed this for me, and ultimately I will pick up the next instalment to see where it goes. I have hope that with the right editors, book two will be better.


An Arrow To The Moon – Emily X.R. Pan

Advance copy gifted by the publishers, out now!

Romeo and Juliet meets Houyi & Chang’e? Yes please!

This book is almost lyrical in it’s prose, the short chapters work to really add to the feeling this book is flowing like a song. We’ve got slow burn romance, displaced teenagers finding their home, lots of exploration of family dynamics, and it’s all dripping in folklore.

I especially loved that this book addresses Taiwan’s independence, something I’ve never seen addressed before.

One for fans of Daughter of the Moon Goddess, and really anything inspired by folklore.


Impossible – Sarah Lotz

Gifted by publishers, out now!

A magical whirlwind romance, with a twist. I don’t want to give anything away but if you like speculative fiction, romance novels that will make you laugh and so frustrated you could scream, you’ll love this.


A Far Wilder Magic – Allison Saft

Gifted from the publishers, out now! 

Oh man the vibes of this book. Cottagecore meets dark academia, A Far Wilder Magic follows Margaret and Wes when they enter a mythical hunt in a forest that’s coming alive around them.

If you weren’t already sold it features a slow burn romance with a grumpy/sunshine pairing, and so many quotable moments you’ll want to highlight every page.


What did you read in April?