Thoughts On May

May has rolled around so much faster than I could have predicted, I don’t quite feel ready for it. I lost the last six weeks to a nasty bout of Covid that included one ambulance ordered by 111, one trip to the emergency room and countless phonecalls with doctors. Here’s your reminder that Covid isn’t just a cold. Anyway, I’m finally starting to feel a little more human again, so I wanted to set a few slow, achievable goals for the new month.

  • Allocate more time for mindful content creation. It’s been so long since I’ve felt excited about creating content for instagram and my blog. Instead of planning and setting out to create content, I’ve been half-assing it, posting images I’m not excited about, neglecting the blog. Having my pal come visit from Canada last week really reminded me how much I love to put the effort in though, after planning a few instagrammable-days in my hometown for her benefit, I found myself excited about posting again. So the goal this month is to make a moodboard of the kind of content I want to create, and make plans to go out and create it!
  • Spending time in spring’s bounty. We all know what my favourite season is, and it’s not spring. However, spring brings a magic of its own and I want to embrace it more this year. We’ve already been hunting for wisteria and bluebells, I’m looking forward to picnics in the park, reading on the beach, forest hikes through the bluebells, and admiring the tulips.
  • Spring clean. After spending the better part of 6 weeks in bed, the flat is feeling a little stale. Combined with my desperation to move (anyone else spend every spare minute on Rightmove?), the flat is starting to feel claustrophobic. We’re long overdue a spring clear out, I’ve got some books and clothes to donate, some furniture I want to swap out, and generally I just want to have a good declutter.
  • Launch my new venture. I’ve been working on something new for a long time, and I think this will be the week I finally share all! You can get a sneak peak here.

Keeping it slow and simple, but hoping to enjoy all the joys May has to offer!

What’s on your May to do list?