Books I’m Reading & Recommending This AAPI Heritage Month

Everyone should have ‘diversify their bookshelves’ as a 2022 goal, so AAPI Heritage Month is a great excuse to bump some books by Asian & American Pacific Islanders up your TBR. In honour of AAPI Heritage Month, it seemed like the perfect time to pull out a few titles on my bookshelves, some to recommend and some to prioritise reading this month.

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I’ve read & loved;

Emily XR Pan – An Arrow to the Moon

One of my favourite reads last month, this book combines elements of the classic Romeo & Juliet love story with Chinese folklore, to make a slow burn romance that will make you yearn.

Sue Lynn Tan – Daughter of the Moon Goddess

The legend of Chang’e bought to life in a beautiful fantasy novel. So lyrical you’ll want a second copy to highlight and annotate.

Tasha Suri – The Jasmine Throne

The lesbian epic fantasy revolution we deserve. The sequel comes out in August so it’s a good time to read it if you haven’t already.

Chloe Gong – These Violent Delights & Our Violent Ends

Romeo & Juliet, but in 1920’s Shanghai. There’s real ‘I’m sorry I stabbed you, I love you really’ vibes in this book.

Joan He – The Ones We’re Meant To Find

The most heartbreaking sci-fi read. Tissues at the ready.

Mary HK Choi – Emergency Contact

A feel-good contemporary romance. LOVED the anxiety rep.

Natasha Ngan – Girls of Paper and Fire trilogy

A delicious fantasy featuring queer leaders of the rebellion.

Adiba Jaigirdar – Hani and Ishu’s Guide to Fake Dating & The Henna Wars

The most wholesome queer love stories you ever did see.

On my TBR;

Judy I Lin – A Magic Steeped In Poison

I was so excited for this one, I ordered a US copy as it doesn’t come out here til September. #sorrynotsorry.

Axie Oh – The Girl Who Fell Beneath The Sea

A land cursed by an ancient sea god? SIGN ME UP BABY.

Grace D Li – Portrait of a Thief

I’m reliably informed this is winging it’s way to me via this month’s Illumicrate box, and that it’s the heist novel we’ve been waiting for since Six of Crows.

Tara Sim – City of Dusk

You had me at necromancer.

Gina Chen – Violet Made of Thorns

I’m lucky enough to have an ARC of this and I cannot wait to get stuck in, it was pitched to me as fairytale with bite, which is my exact type of read.

Tahereh Mafi – This Woven Kingdom

It’s a TRAVESTY that I haven’t read this yet, especially since I have the beautiful Illumicrate edition. It’s inspired by Persian folklore, so, yes please.

Xiran Jay Zhao – Iron Widow

Pitched as a sci-fi & Chinese history mash up, I am HERE for it.

Malinda Lo – Last Night At The Telegraph Club

A queer historical romance, set in San Francisco’s Chinatown? Yaaaaas.

What will you be reading during Asian and American Pacific Islander Heritage Month?