Easy Watermelon Cocktails

I ADORE watermelon, cut up in chunks and eaten in the summer, juiced with mint and cucumber, and especially in cocktails. So it’s no surprise that as soon as the weather gets a little brighter, I’m pulling out my classic watermelon cocktail recipe.


If you’ve seen any of my ‘recipes’ before, you’ll know I use the term fairly loosely. I’m not going to be making anything tricky, and I’ll swap out ingredients all the time based on how I feel or what I have to hand. So if you don’t like watermelon, swap it out for another fruit, if you don’t like rum, vodka or gin work equally well. We’re not sticklers for the rules here.

So, this super easy watermelon cocktail is as simple as…

Grab your blender and toss in two cups of watermelon per person. I like to use frozen watermelon so I don’t have to add ice, but if you use fresh, just add a cup of ice per person to get that glorious ice cold slushy texture. You’ll want to add a splash of apple juice just to help the mix along, as well as two shots of your chosen alcohol per person. Squeeze in a whole lime, add a few stems of mint then blitz til smooth. We like to serve with a wedge of lime, sprig of mint and a sugar rim.


And that’s it! Feels a little cheeky even calling it a recipe really, it’s so simple! Do you think this counts as one of your five a day?