Purchases I’ve Made During Self Isolation

Stay home they said, you’ll spend less money they said. Or, if you’re like me, you’ll spend a small fortune on food and other things that can be delivered to the comfort of your home! 
We’ve been self isolating since around March 9th, and you’d think I’d have saved a fortune in that time. Since the enforced lockdown we’ve tried to reduce our online shopping to the minimum, so as to reduce strain on delivery services. That said, there have been a few bits and pieces we’ve ordered to make life in lockdown more enjoyable. So, here’s a round up of a few purchases from the last month. 

books alwyn hamilton jaye rockett

Books from our local independent bookstore. 

Con bought me Rebel of The Sands for my birthday, and after finishing it off I had to get ahold of the sequels! Our local independent bookstore has been closed a while now, but they’ve still been letting you order on the phone to collect before lockdown and to be delivered after. So I was able to order Traitor to The Throne and Hero at The Fall, and support our local bookstore too. 

pilea plant shop frome plant delivery package jaye rockett

Plant babies. 

I’m something of a crazy plant lady these days, and love nothing more than collecting new plant friends to brighten up our home. I recently finished up a ton of candles and wanted to reuse the pretty jars as plant pots, so I just HAD to order some plants. My favourite Frome based plant shop started selling online to make ends meet during the lockdown, and I placed an order to support them. I have a new pilea, aluminium plant, fiddle leaf fig, syndapsius marble queen, and a cute woven basket planter too. 

brew dog craft beer delivery box jaye rockett

Craft beer. 

Is anyone else drinking more than usual during lockdown or is it just me? We’re having a bit of a craft beer moment and since we’re trying to avoid big supermarkets (our local Waitrose has a surprisingly great craft beer selection), we decided to go straight to the source. Bank account considerably lighter, we got a hefty delivery from Brewdog, featuring some of my favourites, as well as some new beers to try! 

pasta evangelists delivery box jaye rockett
pasta evangelists carbonara of dreams jaye rockett

Boujie pasta. 

The pasta shortage is really getting to me guys, I normally eat so much pasta! We placed our very first Pasta Evangelist order this month, and it did not disappoint. We went for the carbonara & nduja sausage fettuccine and both were incredible. Yes it’s pricey, but we would usually eat out a few times a week so this came from this budget! If you feel like placing an order yourself you can use my name, JAYE ROCKETT and email hello jayerockett @ hotmail .com to get 25% off your first order. This isn’t an affiliate link, just a referral code you get when you sign up! 

A waffle maker.

Not an essential, that’s for sure, but around my birthday I had the biggest craving for waffles EVER, so we ordered a waffle maker. No regrets, at all. We chose this onebecause the plates pop out for easy cleaning, and because it doubles as a panini press, and who doesn’t want toasted sandwiches.


I spend more time than the regular person in loungewear – that chronic illness life, so I have a substantial collection. After wearing most of it every day for the last four years though, some of it was worn and tired, and I was due a refresh! I placed an ASOS order before lockdown for a few bits, and I’m loving them all – especially these pants! I may do an ASOS haul on IGTV if that’s something you’d be interested in?


And last but not least, a boujie popcorn snack! I figured since we aren’t eating out, and I’m really not a baker, I’d treat us to some fancy popcorn from Joe & Sephs! So far the Vanilla Bean White Chocolate Caramel has been a winner!

Have you purchased anything recently?