How I’ll Be Planning and Organising in 2020

I’d normally reserve a post like this for the new year when everyone has that fresh-start-feeling, but I figured if any of you were undecided on which planners to buy for the new year, this might be helpful! For the first time ever this year, I’ve not bought an Erin Condren planner – I know, who even am I. In 2019 my planning style has changed drastically, and whilst I’ve loved using both my Erin Condren Planner and my Passion Planner, I’m going for something a little different, and a little simpler this year.

planning and organising jaye rockett 2020 planner coffee

This year, instead of having one big planner for everything, I’m breaking things up. I’ve got a slimline planner for content, a small everyday planner and I’m also utilising Google Calendar a lot more.

jaye rockett planning and organising 2020 planner

For planning out my blog content, I picked up the Rifle Paper Co Appointment Notebook. Seems like a weird choice but hear me out. This planner is simply monthly view pages and then notes pages, perfect for plotting out my content calendar, and making notes of ideas. There’s space for me to plot out my monthly content focuses, any events to be aware of, and I can keep track of all my ideas and upcoming content in one place.

jaye rockett planning and organising 2020 planner

For my personal planner, I’ve gone for this Papier number this year. Honestly, it was the monthly planning section that drew me in, I loved the idea of a place to jot to dos, goals, important events, a wishlist and notes for the month all in one place. It’s super simple, and I’ll just be using this as a handbag reminder of all my plans.

jaye rockett planning and organising 2020 planner

The main think keeping me organised though? That’ll be Google Calendar. I’ve really gotten into using Google Calendar this year and I think that’s a big part of why my planning style has changed so much. I’m a uselessly forgetful person, so having reminders pop up on my phone is revolutionary, and it’s a great one stop shop for organising my life. I have a calendar for upcoming content, a calendar for work commitments, a calendar for personal plans, as well as reminders of tasks that need completing.

jaye rockett planning and organising 2020 planner google calendar

I use it to block out time for exercise, time to write, even time to have no plans and just rest. It helps me not overbook myself, and remember all the little things that need doing, as well as the meetings and coffee dates. I set reminders for reoccuring tasks like bills, and it’s also just a really easy, quick visual way for me to see exactly what time I have free throughout the week.

jaye rockett planning and organising 2020 planner

How will you be planning your life in 2020?