Why An Erin Condren Life Planner Should Be Your 2018 Planner

Now, unless you’re new  to these parts you’ll know all about my long standing love affair with the Erin Condren Life Planner. 2018 will mark my fifth year using one and I have no intention on breaking with tradition. If you’re a paper planner lover like me I can guarantee that once you make the switch to an Erin Condren Life Planner you won’t look back!

I’m aware that amongst planner lovers it’s often the price that puts people off the ECLP, and I get it – it’s a lot of money, but I’m here today to justify that purchase for you so you can click head to checkout in time for a New Year delivery.

It’s got the most versatile layout. I’ve seen these planners used SO many ways, because the design is so simple and allows for so many options. I use my sidebar to plan my weekly to dos, and then the three daily boxes chronologically to represent morning, afternoon and evening. I’ve seen people use the three daily boxes to keep track of different family members to dos, to track workouts and plan meals, as gratitude logs – the options are endless! The monthly notes and month to view pages can be used to track budgets, plan blog content or track your monthly goals. However you like to use a planner, the Erin Condren works.

You’ll actually use it. For years I loved the idea of a planner but I never actually used one religiously. I’d buy two planners in January, one for work and one for personal, and forget about them after a few weeks. I’d maybe pull them back out after Easter for another go and that would inevitably peter out after another week or two. I’d try again with new academic year diaries in September and by October I’d have forgotten where they were. Throughout the year there’d also be the inevitable purchases of a desk planner, a wall calendar and a ‘weekly to do list’ pad, none of which would get much use after the initial excitement wore off. I must have been spending over £100 a year on planners and never using them. With the Erin Condren, the layout is so versatile, you can change up how you use it easily if it’s not working for you. Yes it’s a big splurge at the beginning of the year, but I almost find that encourages me to use it more – I don’t want to have wasted $60.

Scrapbooking for lazy folk. I always loved the idea of keeping a scrapbook, but could never find the time/energy/patience to keep one going. In my Erin Condren Life Planner I like to keep note of happy things that happen throughout the week, and I even use coil clips to add in photos, tickets and invites that I want to remember! That way not only is it a functional planner day to day, it also makes for a cute mini scrapbook to look back on.

They’re super customisable. Do you like to plan the day as a whole, the day in sections or hour by hour? Do you like colour on your spreads or are you a black and white kinda gal? Do you want your name on the cover, an interchangeable cover or a beautiful faux leather cover? Do you want to change out your coil for a pretty rose gold one? You can customise the planner to work best for you, and appeal to your tastes (hello marble cover and black coil…).

Have I convinced you? Don’t forget to use this code for $10 off your first order, and get your order in by the end of the month to guarantee it’s delivered in time for January!