Why I’m Not Using a Bullet Journal in 2019 (and what I’m using instead)

2018 was definitely the year of the bullet journal, everyone and their mothers were on board, buying dotted notebooks and pretty pens. And I was right there too! I even documented some of my spreads here and here, and I was into it. It’s a fun, creative way to play around, but honestly? I didn’t find it that useful from a planning point of view.

Sure, there’s flexibility in your planning with a bullet journal, you can plan any which way you like, but the kicker is, you have to have the time to create these spreads. Even the simple ones need time to construct, time I don’t always have on a Monday morning when I’m running around like a headless chicken, with a mountain to do list.

I didn’t find a Future Log useful in planning ahead, but I needed something to help me plan ahead. I ended up using my iPhone calendar to plan ahead, but missed having a traditional diary I could flick through and see my plans ahead.

And because of all that, I ended up not being particularly rigid with my bullet journal. Not that that’s a bad thing, but I’d start weeks and not finish them, spend ages on pretty spreads and never touch them, miss out a couple of weeks at a time.

So really, bullet journalling and I weren’t working out, which left a big ol’ gap in my stationery stash. And I ended up settling on a Passion Planner.

This planner is designed to be quite goals focused, which I’ll get to, but what drew me to this was the hourly planning layout. I used to HATE hourly planners, but right now it’s really working for me. I wanted to be more accountable for my time, and with this I can track exactly how I’m spending the day.

There are personal and work to do lists for each week, organised by priority, as well as a space write in your focus for the week and for each day, a note space (cutely named Space of Infinite Possibility) and my personal favourite, a space to document good things from the week. It’s a nice mix of focused to do’s, goals tracking, time management and gratitude practice, and so far it’s working really well for me.

Monthly-wise, there’s a great month to view page with space to plan your ‘gamechanger’ goal for the month, your ongoing projects, as well as people to see, places to go and a ‘not to do list’ which I think is a nice touch! (FYI, on my not to do list is stressing about things I can’t change). It also has a double page spread for monthly reflection which I’m excited to dig into for the first time this month.

There’s ample note space at the back of the planner, I’ve divvied up a section for my blog content planner for the year, as well as pages for goal planning.

And so far it’s really working for me! I’m so pleased with my Passion Planner and I think this may be the start of a beautiful friendship!

What are you using to plan this year?