Overhauling Your Wardrobe After A Change In Body Size

It can be hard to feel like yourself after a shift in weight or body shape, I’ve been there. Whether you’ve gained or lost weight or inches, it can feel a bit like you’ve got the wrong wardrobe for your body, or rather the wrong body for your wardrobe. Our confidence and self assurance is often intrinsically linked to how we feel in our skin and clothes, so having a wardrobe full of wears you feel great in is important. A change in body size or shape is a great excuse to really overhaul your wardrobe, and fall back in love with your body + clothes again. Here’s how to do it.

Overhauling your wardrobe after a change in body size

Figure out your style.

We all have our own personal style, the clothes we love to wear, we feel great in, that we gravitate towards again and again. Sometimes a change in our appearance leads to a change in our style, perhaps the shapes we used to reach for are no longer as flattering or as comfortable. Take this opportunity to try things on, look at your favourite pieces, the styles you save over and over again on Pinterest or Instagram, and really hone in on your own personal style. Figure out what fabrics and fits make you feel confident, what shapes you love and what you need more of in your wardrobe. Ask someone you trust for their advice if you’re not sure, or turn it into a Sex and The City style fashion show with your gal pals.

By the same token, if something is no longer working for you, don’t be afraid to pass it on. There’s no sense in keeping clothes you won’t wear when they could be loved elsewhere. Figure out your own perfect style recipe, and remove anything from your wardrobe that doesn’t fit.

Overhauling your wardrobe after a change in body size

Be honest about your size.

There’s no point going through your wardrobe if you’re going to hold on to things because they might fit ‘one day’, or wearing clothes that don’t fit your new shape properly. It can be hard to part with pieces you love, but again, they’re better off somewhere where someone will love them and wear them over and over. Similarly, there’s no use going to the effort of clearing out the less than perfect items in your wardrobe if you’re going to replace them with more pieces that aren’t quite right. The number on the label of your clothes means nothing at all, pick pieces on the way they flatter your form and make you feel comfortable, not because you’re worried about the number on them.

Don’t settle for anything less than perfect.

There are SO MANY different clothing fits, styles, fabrics and shapes out there, you don’t have to wear anything that isn’t perfect. We’re all guilty of picking up a top that we like the pattern of but that is a little tight on the arms, or the jeans that hug our butts well but are a slightly different shade to what we had in mind. Treat every hanger in your wardrobe as sacred space for your perfect pieces, and don’t buy anything that doesn’t fit that ideal.

Overhauling your wardrobe after a change in body size

Don’t rush into it.

After a change in your appearance it’s natural to instantly want to overhaul your wardrobe, but there’s no rush. Give yourself time to figure out what you really want, what flatters your shape, and what you’ll wear over and over again. You have plenty of time and you can get by on a few basic wardrobe staples while you wait for the perfect pieces to appear.

Overhauling your wardrobe after a change in body size

What clothes make you feel the most confident?