A Mini Guide To Frome

Frome had always been on my radar, I’d seen cute photos on Instagram, had pals that had mentioned it in passing, and Connor’s grandad talks about it a lot, he often visits the market and brings us back strange cheeses, bless. Whilst it was somewhere I was interested in visit, it didn’t seem like somewhere I could spend a whole day, and seemed a little too far (it’s about a ninety minute drive from our flat without traffic) to make the trip without a specific purpose.

Jaye rockett mini guide to frome somerset uk travel

Fate intervened though, as it often does, and my new doctor happens to be based in Frome. So every six weeks or so we hop in the car, drive through the winding country roads and find ourselves in Frome. And I have to say, I’m pretty smitten with this little Somerset haven. So, I thought I’d share a few of my favourite finds in case you ever find yourself in this pretty corner of the world.

Heaven for plant lovers.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many gorgeous florists and plant shops in one place, especially in a town as small as Frome. Plant lovers unite because this place is an absolute treasure trove. Head to Bramble & Wild for a fresh bouquet of unique blooms or a tiny baby cacti that will make you want to weep with joy. Hoi P’Loy is packed full of gorgeous flowering plants, and I spotted my first Peonies of the year in there. Pilea have a pop up in Frome right now, where not only will you find some seriously dreamy house plants, they also run workshops, and will send you on your way with cute care cards too. Frome even hosts it’s own Plant Swap, a place for plant lovers to get together, chat all things leafy and grow their own plant collections. Basically, plant people, head down now.

jaye rockett travel guide to frome

Books, Books, Books.

I’m still not over how gorgeous the signage for Hunting Raven Books is, and how magical it looks. Inside you’ll find knowledgeable booksellers with a passion for the craft, and your latest releases. Further up the hill, dive into The Frome Bookshop, a veritable treasure trove of gorgeous secondhand books. Frome also has it’s own Book Fair, for lovers of literature to unite.

Independent Shopping.

At it’s heart, Frome is an independent shopping haven. Dip into Pop! for cute asian stationery and bold quirky jewellery. Visit Seed for creations by local makers, and installations from visiting artists. There are delis and wine bars and if you visit on the first Sunday of the month, the biggest Independent Market I’ve ever been to. There’s jewelery and candles and an antique flea market, food and plants and designers and makers of every kind. Definitely worth the trip, just be prepared for crowds.

jaye rockett frome somerset uk independent market

Eat sweet at The River House Cafe.

And finally, my spot for comfort food, The River House Cafe. Order my favourite, an oat milk dirty chai, and get your fill of breakfast, or a slab of loudmouth coffee cake. It’s cosy, slightly wonky and welcoming.

frome independent somerset uk travel guide

Frome has fast become one of my favourite spots for an afternoon spent exploring!

Have you visited Frome before?

jaye rockett frome somerset uk travel guide