My Favourite Kitchen Pieces

I go back and forth, but honestly I always come back to our kitchen as my favourite room in the flat. It’s the one I suppose we did the most to, we completely gutted the room, took out a wall, had a whole new kitchen fitted, fresh tiling, and new floors. It feels like such a me room, and I realised that I haven’t shared much of it with you.

cafetiere pouring coffee into starbucks mug

The bare bones of our kitchen is quite monochrome, and I think ran the risk of looking quite stark. We opted for gloss grey cupboards, with ash grey wood floor and white subway tiling with light grey grout. Our white worktops are natural stone so have a slight fleck but mostly just look white. It’s technically a galley kitchen, so long and narrow, and we only have one window so we wanted to maximise the light as much as possible by using white worktops. To keep it looking stark you’ll notice I gravitate towards homeware pieces in warmer tones, golds, pinks and coppers mostly, just to make it feel cosier.

copper glass cafetiere gold glitter mug pink tea towel kitchen subway tiles.

I buy a LOT of kitchenware from H&M home, I just think they’ve nailed my aesthetic entirely (although I do often find their price points a little high for the quality – they do great sales!).Our tea towels are *technically* bathroom hand towels but I just loved the herringbone pink style.

kitchen storage anthropologie candle subway tile

This gold basket is something I ordered for the living room but it was actually smaller than expected when it arrived. It worked out okay though because it’s honestly the perfect size for stashing the cooking bits I like to have on hand, oils, apple cider vinegar and usually a bottle of red too!

coffee kitchen worktop cafetiere candle

The leaf trivet was a H&M home find too, and mostly it’s a decorative piece. We occasionally use it to stop hot pans touching the surface, but really I just think it adds a nice personal touch to the room. They no longer do this exact one, but they do have others.

Nespresso machine cactus coffee pod holder letterboard kitchen subway tile

We get a LOT of questions about our little coffee station, which is probably the most used section of our kitchen! The coffee machine and milk warmer are both Nespresso – we both hate the coffee from Tassimo machines! We would love to eventually have a proper coffee machine with a section for grinding beans and a milk wand but this will do for now.

Nespresso machine cactus coffee pod holder letterboard kitchen subway tile

Our Cactus Coffee Pod holder gets a lot of attention, it was a christmas gift from my parents a few years ago. We had a few Nespresso pod holders before this and didn’t really love any of them, they all seemed quite rickety, but this one is super sturdy AND it’s cute as a bonus.

The letterboard was a sale buy a few years ago and whilst I don’t change up the words often, again I just think it’s a cute way to personalise the kitchen.

kitchen white worktop subway tile kettle marble chopping board spider plant

I wouldn’t be a millennial without a few marble accents would I! The mixed marble chopping board was a Homesense find a few years back now, and the pestle and mortar is recent from Sainsbury’s. I’ve had it about 6 months now and to date the only thing I’ve used it to crush is Maltesers. Looks cute though!

kitchen storage candle subway tile orla kiely dachsund chopping board h&m home

Of course, everyone who visits comments on my Orla Kiely Dachsund Chopping Board! Rightly so, it’s super cute. It was a birthday present from my parents last year, and I don’t let anyone chop anything on it. Strictly for serving only!

kitchen subway tile copper cafetiere starbucks mug pink towel

Con broke our last cafetiere, so it was the perfect excuse to replace it with a copper one! It was from Tesco and super affordable. Pretty much all of our mugs are from Starbucks as I collect their city mugs (and can’t resist half their others).

Con’s mum bought me a set of copper cheese knives for Christmas and honestly has there ever been a more me gift? They go beautifully with the gold and white plate I bought from Anthropologie in the sale a few years ago (can anyone afford their dinnerware full price?!).

Also from Anthro, my little teaspoon measures. I dropped and shattered my last set, so perhaps another china set wasn’t the best idea, but I couldn’t resist the teal watercolour pattern and gold accents!

In terms of dishware, my most used pot by far is my baby pink Le Creuset Casserole dish. I picked this up in TKMaxx and as a big fan of one pot dishes (less washing up!) this gets a lot of use!

kitchen wine glasses chopping boards tea towel subway tiles white stone countertops cheese board

And lastly my wine glasses! I couldn’t resist these pearlescent pink beauties, and whilst they’re actually quite dinky, they’re so beautiful and I always feel fancy when I use them!

copper cafetiere coffee gold mug kitchen subway tiles pink tea towel chopping boards candle

So that’s my kitchen! Let me know if there’s any other home content you’d like to see, I definitely haven’t shared as much of my home here as I’d like to!

What are your favourite kitchen accessories?