How To Get Out Of A Style Rut

Style ruts suck, staring into your overflowing wardrobe without a lick of inspiration, then ultimately reaching for the same outfit you’ve been wearing all week. We’ve all been there. In fact, it happens to me so much I’ve come up with a fail-proof method of getting out of a style rut.

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Clear out your wardrobe.

This seems like such an obvious first step, but it’s an effective one. When a real style rut hits I like to have a good wardrobe sort out. Chuck things that don’t fit, remove pieces that need fixing or are past their best, pull forward old favourites you’ve not worn in forever, get rid of what you don’t feel comfortable in. Trying things on as they go back into your wardrobe is really helpful, we’re all guilty of forgetting what pieces look like on.

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Do your research.

I freaking love Pinterest, I spend FAR too much time on it (find me here if you don’t already follow me!). It’s my number one go to whenever I need any kind of inspiration. When I’m in a style rut I like to look through my previous outfit saves and see if anything strikes a chord, I’ll search for a specific piece I own like ‘camel jumper’ or ‘leopard print skirt’ and see how others style similar pieces, or I’ll just search broader terms like ‘casual sunday outfit’ or ‘comfortable workwear’.

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Check your Instagram Likes + Saves.

We’re all constantly scrolling and often don’t pay that much attention to our Instagram patterns. When I look through the images I Like and Save there tends to be lots of monochrome, lots of distressed denim and luxurious knitwear, and those are all definitely ways I like to dress! There’s nothing wrong with recreating an outfit you’ve seen on the gram.

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Experiment with accessories.

One of my favourite ways to switch up an outfit is to change the accessories. A different pair of boots and a rolled jean cuff can completely change an outfit. Layer necklaces over plain tees for a more polished look. Add a silk scarf tied to your handbag. Try hats, scarves, jackets, hair grips, and just experiment.

Forget about the rules.

If you like it, wear it. Try wearing your favourite tee with a skirt instead of jeans, pair two pieces with boxy silhouettes, or try clashing prints. We often set style rules for ourselves and I encourage you to break them, and ‘fashion rules’ are really only guidelines anyway.

Jaye rockett flatlay leopard print shoes striped jumper

How do you pull yourself out of a style rut?