Bath Time Favourites

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I spend approximately 50% of my time soaking in the tub. In fact, when we renovated our flat I specifically picked the biggest bathtub we could viably fit in our bathroom, it was one of my real sticking points in the renovation.

Jaye Rockett Bubble bath candle

So now I have my big tub and a bathroom full of bath products, and I mean full. At last count I had over 50 bath bombs so I’m on a strict boyfriend-induced bath bomb buying ban! I’ve had a few requests to share my favourite products, so I have an edit of them here for you today. I’ve chosen to only include my favourites that are available year round, although there are certainly a lot of seasonal products I love!

Jaye Rockett Bathroom bubble bath aromatherapy associates light relax bath and shower oil

I love a bath oil after a long day, and it doesn’t get better than the Aromatherapy Associates Bath and Shower Oils. I always pick up the sets of minis, because I like to have a mix of their scents rather than one specific one. You need just a few drops of these oils for a gloriously scented bath, and they make the water silky smooth. The scent of these oils cling to the skin long after a bath, and I find the herbal scents really relaxing. I tend to gravitate towards these after an evening yoga class.

I add bath salts to every bath, no matter what else I’m using. I love himalayan detox salts, and magnesium flakes, but generally I’ll just pick up a bulk pack in Homesense of whatever they have. Lauren recently gifted me the Clean Skin Organics Vanilla Chai salts and I’m totally obsessed with them, they’re perfect for pairing with my spicier bath bombs. I love the Wide Eye Clay Spa Bath salts for a good detox, they smell super fresh too.

Jaye rockett bubble bath tray lush bath bombs twilight big blue dragons egg the comforter

When it comes to bath bombs, it’s obviously all about Lush. They really do have a product for everything, every scent, every mood, every colour palette even! I tend to be more attracted to the bubble bars, I love a bubble-y bath, and I like that you can get more than one bath out of each product.

Jaye Rockett Bubble bath

The Comforter is my holy grail, if I could only have one bath product. With blackcurrant and cassis oils, I always think it smells like warm Ribena, in the very best way. The perfect unwinding bubbles. I always have a bar of Brightside on hand too, The Comforter’s citrus-y sister. This one is my go to for morning bath, hot citrus bubbles are so refreshing and energising. I tend to get 4/5 baths out of one of these bubble bars.

Jaye Rockett Lush Bath Bombs Bath tray bubbles

I know the bath bomb section of Lush can be quite overwhelming, so I’ve just picked out my top three for you, to help you narrow it down! They’re all really different so hopefully one of these will be your cup of tea.

Firstly, my ride or die sleep aide, the Twilight bath bomb. Packed with every sleep promoting essential oil you can think of, sleep is never far away after using this. Vanilla, lavender and tonka bean will have you sleeping in no time.

Jaye Rockett Bubble bath

If citrus is more your jam, try Dragon’s Egg. Lemon, bergamot and jasmin fill the bathroom with a fresh slightly herbal scent, and your bath with soft swirling orange water. This one actually has popping candy in, so put your head underwater while it dissolves to hear it popping!

jaye rockett lush bath bombs

And finally Big Blue, your aching muscles best friend. Packed with seaweed, fresh sea salt, lemon and lavender oils, trust me, this stuff is a wonder product. Post gym class? Got the flu? Walked too far? Big Blue will sooth your aching muscles.

jaye rockett bubble bath tray candle frankie magazine bubbles

So, run yourself a bath, light a candle and grab a new magazine to flick through. Bath time awaits!

What are your bath time favourites?