My Monthly Bullet Journal Setup

Bullet Journals have been having a moment for the last year or so, and they don’t seem to be dying down! I’ve been a bullet journal convert for a few years now, although perhaps not in the ‘traditional’ sense, I like using mine for lists + appointments, making plans and plotting content, and I like it all to look pretty too! I get a lot of questions about my bullet journal, so today I thought I’d walk you through how I set up my bullet journal for a new month + the pages I like to have ready and raring to go when the first rolls around!

The first page I add in is always a monthly ‘title page’ so to speak. Since drawing is certainly not my forte, you won’t find fancy doodles or anything on my title pages! I always add in a little month at a glance, and a space to write in my goals for the month. I like having these at the beginning as a little reminder of my focus for the month! I tend to fill up the space around with little doodles as the month goes on.

The next spread is my monthly plans setup. I have a page with space to write in important events + plans, birthdays and meetings and trips. I’ve tried a few different versions of this layout, traditional grid calendar spreads, single lines for each date, but this seems to be the layout that works best for me. I can fit in more than one thing for each date, and it’s an easy way to have a quick glance at what the month ahead looks like.

The opposite page is for blog post planning! You can’t really see in this photo but I have got the date written in in pink pen in each box! I use this to keep track of my content schedule, I used to use a digital planner but I prefer this setup, it’s lower maintenance! I used to add in a little section for stat tracking under the calendar but these days I don’t keep much track of those kinda things, it’s easy to get too hung up on them!

Turn the page and you’ll find a page for me to jot down post ideas! I have category headings in there because I try not to post too much of the same ‘category’ content in one go, and this helps me make sure I’ve got a variety of ideas going on!

Then we have a space for my monthly to do list! This isn’t like a list of chores and things that need doing, but rather things that I’d like to do! It’s what forms the basis for my monthly to do list posts!

I have a page for keeping track of my budget, I plan out how much things should be/allocate money to certain expenses, and then at the end of the month track what was actually spent so I can see if anything needs tweaking! Again I’ve tried a few versions of this spread but I found a lot of the ones on Pinterest etc had more information than I felt I needed!

And the last page is a wishlist page! This is one of the ways I’ve been trying to kerb my spending, if there’s something I want to buy I pop it on this wishlist and then if it’s still there at the end of the month + I still want it, I’ll think about picking it up!

Obviously there are more pages in there and more lists and weekly spreads added throughout the month, but these are the ones I like to have done ready for the start of a new month!

Are you a bullet journal fan?