A Slow February To Do List

It feels strange to be writing this February to do list because honestly? I ticked off next to nothing on my January list – even though January was approximately 2859 days long. And I was fed up about that for a few days, it’s frustrated being confined to your bed for health reasons, but then I realised that being sad about it wasn’t going to change anything. The only thing I can do is stop, reassess and find ways to appreciate what I have achieved, and realign my goals for the new month. So, without further ado, a slow February to do list for anyone who needs a little more balance in their life.

Be kinder to yourself.

Instead of focusing on what you haven’t achieved, what you could have done better, focus on what’s been good. Focus on your small wins, no matter how¬†small, the things that have made you smile, every good thing in your day. I’ve been making an effort to fill out the ‘good things that happened’ section in my Passion Planner weekly spread, and it’s something I want to expand on. I’m making a concerted effort throughout the day to try harder to cut myself some slack.

Side table with Frankie Magazine, plant, candle and matches

Find 15 minutes in the day for journalling.

One of my big goals for 2019 is to spend more time on creative pursuits, it’s easy to prioritise time to the big to dos, work and chores. But I honestly believe that time spent channeling your creativity is good for the soul, so for February my goal is to fill a journal page a day. No rules, I can brain dump, doodle, stick in things, answer a journalling prompt. Anything, as long as I fill a page every day.

Side table with book, glasses, cactus, candle, matches, iced coffee

Take one photo a day.

In the spirit of more creative time, I’m setting myself a 28 day photo challenge. I want to take one photo every day, and not just a quick snap of my dinner or an outfit shot against a coloured wall. I want to take one photo that’s required creative thought, whether that’s a styled capture, a natural composition out in the countryside, or playing with a new photography technique. At the end of the month I’ll share every photo in a gallery on the blog!

Girl sitting on a chair holding iced coffee. Sidetable with glasses, magazine, glasses.

Mindful activities.

Back at the end of 2017 I did a 12 week Yoga for Managing Anxiety course, and I was in a really strong place mentally. I learnt a lot of things about being more present and mindful, and tasks that can use meditative techniques without just sitting in one spot with your eyes closed. I want to try and make mindfulness a bigger part of my daily life again! Let me know if you’d like to see a guide to different mindfulness techniques on the blog!

Side table piled with books, magazines, coffee, glasses, plants

Consume more slow-centric content.

We consume so much content on a day to day basis, and whilst it’s great that we have access to so much fantastic media, it’s easier to be bombarded. I’m making a conscious effort to curate the content I’m consuming, to be a little more inline with my own values. Sometimes that means more offline content than online, pick up an editorial like Frankie, Oh Comely or The Simple Things, but it also means shaking up the kind of Instagram accounts I follow, the blogs I’m reading, and how much time I spend on Twitter.

So there we have it! A slow to do list for February to help realign focus with my goals, and create a more positive space in my day to day life!

What’s on your February to do list?