5 Things To Make More Time For

Time, we never have enough of it, do we? How often do you get to the end of the week and realise you haven’t tackled half of your to do list, or get to the end of the month without any idea what your initial goals were? Personally, I’m still convinced it’s September, time moves faster than I can keep up with most of the time, and things fall by the wayside.

This year though, my goal is to try and make more time for the good little things. You know, the simple tasks that don’t have to cost the earth, or even take more than an hour, but they refill that cup of joy and keep us going. This year, I’m trying to make more time for these 5 simple activities.

Hot bubble baths, without my phone. 

It sounds silly, but as much as I’m good at indulging in a regular bubble bath, I’m less good at relaxing in them. Normally you’ll find me glued to my phone editing photos, whatsapping furiously, engaging on Insta, or watching YouTube videos. It’s all well and good, but it’s not proper relaxation time, so this year I’m leaving my phone out of the bathroom, and taking books, magazines or just popping a guided meditation on. Less time online is only a good thing.

Outside time.

I bang on about the benefits of time spent outdoors all the time, so I’ll try and keep this short and sweet. It’s not all about long rambles in the forest (although those are great too), it can simply be ten minutes sat with a cup of tea in the garden, or a short walk around the block. Trying to find time for this in the morning will help reset your circadian rhythm and get you feeling less sluggish at the start of the day. This really helps me at the moment since I can’t have coffee!

A good face mask.

Our skin is exposed to so much in the day, makeup, sweat, pollution in the air, germs from our hands, and rarely do we spend the time treating it well. I for one always find my skin to be happier, calmer and healthier looking when I find time for a couple of face masks a week. You can stick them on while you’re brushing your teeth, changing your bedlinen, cooking dinner, or just sat on the sofa watching Netflix, and your skin will thank you for it.

Long distance FaceTime catch ups.

If you’re unlucky enough, like me, to have friends living everywhere except you know, within a ten mile radius of your home, you’ll probably appreciate the simple joy of a FaceTime date. Yet, like me, you probably rarely do. Message your long distance pals and book in an evening FaceTime date, and you’ll probably find you both feel better for it.

Reading a magazine. 

We all are probably guilty of consuming most of our content online, but there’s still something so wonderful about the beauty of print media. To succeed in the current publishing climate, magazines are having to work harder to prove their value, and I think it shows in the quality of their content. Splurge on a copy of Oh Comely, Frankie, The Simple Things or Suitcase magazine, and devote an hour to reading it cover to cover.

What would you like to make more time for?