How To Personalise Your Desk Space At Work

There’s nothing worse than spending eight hours a day, five days a week in a drab, soulless cubicle. Most of us aren’t lucky enough to spend our working days in open airy hipster lofts, in offices with pool tables in break out areas and mini fridges stocked with La Croix. Some of us are just working in your standard, cookie cutter office with not much to write home about. However, that doesn’t mean you have to be doomed to a life of beige and grey, here are my simple tips to help you personalise your desk space at work. 

Start small. It doesn’t need to be giant pot plants and big framed photos of family members straight out the gate, start by bringing in your own mug, a cute favourite that everyone will know is yours on the afternoon tea round, and a coaster too. We now all have these cute M&S Monogrammed mugs at work, and my cute Anthropologie Geode Coaster certainly brightens up my desk space.

Get organised. Whether it’s a cute pen pot you picked up in Paperchase or a full blown organisation system like mine from IKEA, one of the easiest ways to to personalise your desk space is to add in some pretty storage. They don’t have to cost the earth either, my setup was a whole £4 from IKEA (leaving me just enough change from a fiver for a hot dog on the way out…).

Ask about your office’s plant policy. It isn’t always the case but a lot of offices are more than happy for you to bring a little greenery into your workspace! If you’re short on space a mini cacti or succulent will add a little freshness into your workspace without taking up much room (or requiring much attention). Leafy greens are always good in offices though, and in my experience, Spider Plants are pretty hard to kill, even when you’re off for a week and your work mate forgets to water them.

Bring in your own stationery. Whether it’s just a cute floral to do list or a new diary, having your own stationery to hand is always a nice touch. I’m pen fussy (those cheap plastic biros just won’t cut it for me) so I always have a stash of wonderful inky pens, as well as highlighters in pretty shades, and a stack of notebooks with good quality paper never goes amiss either.

Upgrade your desk calendar. That free one that came with in the post just won’t cut it this year! If it’s taking up precious space on your desk it should be beautiful and you should enjoy looking at it! I’m a big fan of the Rifle Paper Co Desk Calendars, they’re beautifully designed and super handy to refer to throughout the day.

Keep essential beauty bits on hand. Now I’m not suggesting you go ahead and turn your desk into a veritable Sephora, but having the odd beauty bit to hand is always, er, handy. Most notably, I keep a hand cream with a pump on my desk because you’d be surprised how dry your hands get throughout the day, especially when the air conditioning is on. Half of my colleagues end up asking to borrow this though, so perhaps to crack out the Byredo at work, pick something more affordable instead! I also keep a lip balm, hand sanitizer, eye drops and mini hairbrush in my top drawer, just in case.

Photos! Whilst I’m not suggesting you dive straight in with a 12′ x 15″ framed photo of your and your boyfriend/best friend/mum/dog, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a few photos scattered about! I like to free up desk space by washi taping a few snaps to my organisation unit/noticeboard rather than having a bulky frame sat on my desk. It’s a great way to put to use a photobooth strip or instax printout that would otherwise be languishing in a drawer.

And it’s as simple as that! We spend so much of our time at work, it only makes sense for our environments to be as enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing as possible!

Do you have any tips for personalising your workspace?