Where I’m At With My Corner Of The Internet in 2019

The way we use the internet is constantly changing and evolving, not least because Instagram can’t seem to decide how best to use their platform. Increasingly, blogs are being abandoned in favour of short form content shared on socials, and more focus is being placed on the imagery than the words.

Jaye Rockett Bournemouth beach

And don’t get me wrong, I love playing with photography, creating beautiful imagery, but for me the words will always come first. I’m a writer by trade and by heart, and I could never move to a 100% visual method of storytelling.

That being said, it would be foolish to ignore the changing of tides, and I still want to be engaging on all platforms, firing on all cylinders so to speak! So, here’s where I’m at with social and sharing for 2019.

Jaye Rockett Bournemouth beach

My Blog.

Now, having declared my undying love for the written word, obviously my blog isn’t going anywhere. You will notice a few changes in the future though! I’ve got a little bit of a website rejig in the pipeline over the next couple of weeks, thanks to my girl Daphne for giving me a helping hand in that department, and I’m going to be changing my focus a little. At the end of 2018 my content was sporadic, mostly because I was struggling with feeling like there was certain content I ‘had’ to produce. Moving forward I want to go back to basics, because honestly simplicity is where my heart is right now, and I want to embrace that. After a chat with a friend I realised that if my blog had a tagline, I’d like it to be ‘finding every day magic’ so moving forward I’ll be keeping that in mind. So look out for more authentic, honest content about my life and the every day joys. Hopefully, you will continue to enjoy the content I’m creating, even if it’s a little different!


Instagram is a real love hate platform for me, I go between adoring it, finding inspiration and enthusiasm everywhere, to hating it, feeling frustrated about reach and engagement, and fed up of seeing the same stagnant content.

I don’t want to contribute to the problem I have with Insta, churning out the same content as every other grammer out there, but it can be hard when there’s clearly a formula as to what works and what achieves well on Instagram.

Moving forward I want to worry less about stats and analytics and likes, and more about the content. In a Marie Kondo fashion, I’m going to unfollow accounts that don’t Spark Joy for me, and only share photos I truly love. I am going to work hard to engage more with the content I love, and support other creators, whilst doing my own thing without worrying about grids and themes. Again, I hope that this more authentic and honest way of creating content will resonate with you, and you’ll choose to continue to follow.

Jaye Rockett Bournemouth beach black nikes on stone beach.

Instagram Stories.

I feel like Insta stories is where I am going to be shaking things up a little more, in an effort to try and cater to this need we all have as consumers for shorter form content. I want to experiment with weekly features, not just your average ‘Follow Friday’s’ but maybe once a week share my makeup routine, once a week share some of my favourite products, and things like recipes, collections, empties, routines. Essentially, I want to make more short form content with purpose. At the same time, I want to continue to share daily snapshots, almost like a ‘daily vlog’.

Hopefully this will be something you guys will enjoy, and of course if you have any requests for the content you’d like to see (and that goes for any of my platforms) please do let me know!


Ah YouTube. My relationship with video making has been tumultuous to say the least. Sadly when my health takes a turn or when my workload gets too much, it’s the first thing that goes. This year I’d like to start experimenting with videos again, but in a less pressure kind of way. I’d like to do some sit down, real talk camera chats, maybe even some stuff about my health and other big issues.I’d like to do some more creative travel videos, videos that really capture places and spaces too. Again, any requests on that front, I’d love to hear them!

So there we have it, a few simple changes and a plan for going forward. I really hope all this sits well with you guys, I’d like to think that this move to more authentic content will be in everyone’s best interests.

Let me know your thoughts and any requests in the comments, or send me a message on socials!

Thanks as always for the support guys, you’re the best.