Dainty Jewellery for Autumn

Dainty jewellery is my jam. I’m all about delicate rings, tiny bracelets, all stacked up with each other. I love using delicate jewellery to mix metals and layer up, and I just love exploring new brands too! This month the lovely folks at Jewellery Box sent me over some pieces to add into my layered rotation, and I wanted to share some of them with you.

In the autumn, you’ll see me wearing a lot of warm tones, rusty oranges, mustards, burgundy, I’m basically a walking autumn leaf. I normally lean towards silver jewellery but this time of year and wardrobe colour palette is the perfect time to experiment with bringing some gold in. I love this gold bracelet with a bead slider, I haven’t taken it off since getting it! The chain is so fine and dainty, it’s the perfect way to pull in a little gold without going too far!

As you know, being a Rockett, I can’t resist anything celestial, so I’ve been wearing the gold bracelet layered up with two super fine star chain bracelets. I love this one with it’s simple chain and star charm, and this one which is even finer, and daintier. Because these three bracelets are so simple and fine, they layer really well, and you can get away with the metal mixing!

If you follow me on instagram (which you should!), you’ll have I’m sure seen countless snaps of me cradling coffee cups, and you’ll know I’m a bit of a ring junkie. I’m always stacking up different rings in different shapes and metals. Honestly, I’m a little self conscious of my chunky fingers (I suffer with really bad fluid retention in my hands), and I feel like lots of rings distract from that! I added some really beautiful rings from Jewellery Box to my collection. Starting with this simple silver twist ring, which is so my style. I love pieces that are really simple and classic, with little tweaks that make it unique. I’ve been wearing it stacked up with this rose gold twisted rope ring, which reminds me of a ring from Pandora I’ve had my eye on for a while – but at a fraction of the cost!

Jewellery Box have a really great size selection within their ring collection, with most styles coming in sizes i-u. I ordered their wishbone stacking ring in a smaller size so I can wear it as a midi ring, or on my little finger. I only ever wear really dainty jewellery on my little fingers, otherwise I find they get annoying fast, and this ring is perfect.

I also couldn’t resist these gorgeous sterling silver shooting star earringsI’m pretty fussy when it comes to earrings, I don’t like anything too big or heavy in my ears, they just end up driving me mad, so I quite often end up with really simple studs. These shooting stars are perfect, they add a little glam whilst being dainty enough that they don’t bother me!

I honestly am so impressed with the quality of these Jewellerybox pieces, I’ve been wearing them non stop since they’ve arrived and they’re so beautiful. The collection is really affordable, with some of the pieces I’ve mentioned costing less than £5, so if you’re looking for an affordable Christmas gift for someone, definitely check out the website. Everything I’ve mentioned here today comes to less than £40 in total, so they really are super budget friendly! If you want to create a collection of dainty jewellery to layer up, this is the perfect place to start!

The jewellery in this post was gifted by Jewellerybox.co.uk, but as always, all thoughts are my own.