A Spa Afternoon at The Hilton Ageas Bowl

I’ve spent a lot of time frequenting Hilton Hotels over the past few years. When I lived in London we had a Hilton on our road, so the Skybar became our local. Last year they opened a Hilton in Bournemouth, and we’ve spent many an evening in the new bar, the restaurant, and I even visited for afternoon tea last year. I’d never visited the Hilton Ageas Bowl though, despite it being handily located down the road in Southampton (spitting distance from my favourite Homesense Store!). So when an email dropped into my inbox inviting me down to try out the spa, it was an immediate yes from me!

I arrived at the Eforea spa a little early for my appointment as the lovely Bex was also trying out the spa, and we wanted to grab a coffee and catch up! The team were super accommodating and showed us to the Spa Cafe, where they bought out my afternoon tea early, so we could enjoy it together!

The cafe is open all day serving pastries, afternoon tea and coffees. It’s tucked away inside the spa, and you’ll see most of the patrons wrapped up in their fluffy bathrobes enjoying the treats! The cafe also has beautiful views out over the golf course.

I was lucky enough to try the afternoon tea, and wow was it delicious. Mini finger sandwiches served alongside hot scones, fresh clotted cream, strawberry jam, and a selection of mini cakes. I tried a vanilla sponge, strawberry mousse and carrot cake, which were all incredible. Really tasty but super light too, so a perfect snack before heading into the spa!

The afternoon tea is served with your choice of teas, coffee or juice, I had a soy milk latte to perk me up, and an apple juice too, both of which where delicious.

The team at the spa showed me round the facilities and kitted me out with a big towel, slippers and a fluffy robe of my own. The spa was much bigger than I was expecting, with an pool, jacuzzi, foot spas, sauna, two steam rooms, an ice shoot, hot stone relaxation beds and an outdoor hot tub for those brave enough to dare the cold weather!

My visit was in the late afternoon so we decided to run out and brave the outdoor hot tub first before it got too dark! The tub is on the first floor balcony and has gorgeous views out across the golf course. It was a little chilly but a great spot to watch the sun go down!

We came back in and warmed up on the hot stone beds before trying out the other steam rooms, I adore hot stone beds, they’re a nice gentle way to warm up, and they’re so comfortable, I could have fallen asleep sat there!

After an hour or so luxuriating in the spa, it was time for my facial! There are several relaxation rooms in the Eforea Spa, as well as an area where you can make herbal tea, snack on some fresh fruit or grab a glass of infused water. There’s even a room with hanging teepees where you can chill out during your time in the spa. I headed to the main relaxation room and settled on a sofa with a cup of mint tea and a magazine whilst I waited for my treatment to begin.

I was booked in for the Signature Essence Facial, a 60 minute treatment that combines deep cleansing techniques with massage for the ultimate relaxing experience. Before we started, my therapist and I had a chat about my skin concerns, I’d been having a few breakouts due to the change in weather, so the treatment was tailored to being calming and repairing.

I’m not sure I’ve ever had such a long facial before, but it really is the perfect amount of time to really relax and shut off. The treatment included scrubs, masks and serums, and I enjoyed a head, face, neck, shoulder and chest massage too! Afterwards, I was given some product recommendations (including the Elemis Herbal Repair Lavender Mask which I picked up, it was so calming) and some product samples to take away and try too. There was no pressure to buy products either which is always a gripe of mine, there’s nothing that ruins the relaxation of a spa treatment like feeling pressured to purchase expensive products!

I honestly felt so relaxed after my visit, I’m already looking forward to planning a visit with my mum in the new year! I was so impressed with my facial I’d love to try their massages next time!

If you’re looking for an affordable spa break, definitely keep an eye on the Hilton Websitethey’re always offering great deals on packages! We all could benefit for a little more self care in our lives, and a spa day is just the trick!

Thank you so much to the Hilton for having me!