A Day In The Life: Working, Freelancing, Studying.

A few years back these posts were a bit of a ‘thing’ in blogging, and I thought it would make for an interesting exercise to do it again. I’ve been thinking a lot about how I can be more accountable with my time throughout the day, making sure I’m getting things done in a reasonable time frame not just procrastinating. So today I wanted to share with you what 24 hours(ish) looks like in my life.

7.15am: My alarm goes off and I only snooze once so that’s a small win. I get up, brush my teeth, wash my face, do my makeup and get dressed by 8am.

8.00am: I have some paperwork I need to fill out for a doctors appointment this morning, so I fill those out and Con makes me a bagel to eat whilst I do it, and a maple latte for the car. Paperwork done, I grab a quick five minutes to shoot some photos for a mini insta-stories haul later in the day.

8.20am: I leave for work! I drop Con at his office on the way as I literally pass it, and I drink my maple latte whilst singing to YouMeAtSix songs. I make awkward eye contact with at least two other commuters whilst singing.

8.40am: I sit at my desk and realise I forgot to go to the post office. Luckily I’m only working for a few hours today, so I’ll have to do this on my way home instead. I drink the rest of my coffee whilst organising my inbox.

9.00am: I have a mound of boring admin paperwork to get through today, so I’ve put a good Spotify playlist on and get to work.

12.00pm: I’ve barely looked up from my laptop all morning but just like that it’s midday. My colleague Kelly and I are STARVING, so I nip to McDonald’s round the corner, and treat us to some chicken nuggets.

12.45pm: My sister has popped into work, so I give her a hug and we sit and chat for fifteen minutes or so. She nearly gives away the ending of The Cry to me, and I try not to shout.

2.00pm: I have so much to do this afternoon so I pack up and head home. On my way I stop at the Post Office to mail a parcel, and then at the Sorting Office to pick one up for my mum. I waste approximately half an hour of the day stood in queues, but that’s fine because Con and I have a Words With Friends game going so I spend most of the time playing that.

3.10pm: Home at last. I don’t have time to have a nap before my class really, even though I usually try to. Instead, I make myself an oat milk maple latte, and take a stack of blog and Instagram photos for later in the week. I left my memory card reader at work so I can’t edit the photos, but I work on a few blog posts instead.

4.30pm: I’m done with work stuff, 137 photos and three blog posts later. I have to head out to my class soon and I won’t be home til late so I make a snack to see me through. I have some rice noodles in the fridge, so I heat up a handful of those with some veggies and a splash of soy sauce. I eat them whilst watching the latest episode of How To Get Away With Murder. I relish those 42 minutes, it’s the closest thing I have to downtime today.

5.20pm: I need to head out soon. I change out of my jeans into leggings because honestly I just want to be comfortable, touch up my makeup, fill up my chilly bottle with water and gather up my Uni notes. I leave a note for Con for when he gets home from work and head out the door.

5.45pm: Class doesn’t start til six but I like getting here early. We’re a class of 13 and 3 others are already here, but I grab my favourite seat in the back corner next to the window. I catch up with a classmate who just spent the week in Israel and I am hit with the realisation that in the last seven days I’ve achieved very little other than work.

7.30pm: We have a mini break from the writing exercises we’ve been doing, 10 minutes is just long enough to run to the student bar for a cup of peppermint tea and a flapjack to take back. We finish late so I’m always starving by the end of class.

9.00pm: After another hour and a half of  discussing the best use of metaphors, class is over. I drop one of my classmates off on the way home to save her getting the bus, it’s freezing out and she only lives round the corner.

9.25pm: I’m home and expectedly starving. Con’s picked up a Tesco Finest Meal Deal so within minutes I’m sitting down with a piping hot beef stroganoff, with wild rice and roasted veggies. It’s exactly what I needed.

10.00pm: I’m feeling guilty for the things I haven’t done. I didn’t manage a trip to the gym, and I didn’t edit any photos. There’s an email I forgot to send and I wanted to call a friend. But it’s ten o’clock and I’m done in. I have a steaming hot shower and call it a night.

It’s funny isn’t it, because I ended this day feeling guilty for the things I *hadn’t* achieved, but looking at this list it was actually a busy, productive day. I think sometimes we’re quick to set unrealistic expectations for ourselves, and quick to be critical too. Perhaps there’s a lesson here to all cut ourselves some slack, and appreciate what we do achieve, rather than judge what we don’t.

What does a day in your life look like?