Sunday Rituals For a Great Week

Sundays are sacred to me, I try to not make plans if I can help it, because I’m a big believer in the slow Sunday. Sunday’s are for long lazy lie ins, breakfast in bed, reading books, bingeing tv shows and catching up on sleep. All that being said, there are a few things I like to do on Sundays to set me up for the week ahead, a few Sunday rituals, if you will.

Plan your diary for the week ahead, and write a to do list. 

I like to find an hour on a Sunday to sit on the sofa with a cup of tea, and plan out my week ahead. I copy meetings into my bullet journal, list important to dos, bills to be paid, appointments to keep and calls to make. Then I make a master to do list for the week ahead. Not only does this make my life easier when I sit down at my desk on Monday morning, it also helps rid me of the Sunday night dread, where you start to feel overwhelmed about the week ahead.

The Ten Minute Tidy Up. 

In each room, set a timer for ten minutes, and tidy up as much as you can in those ten minutes. This normally means putting away anything out, running the hoover round and a quick wipe around with a multipurpose spray on surfaces. It’s not an overwhelming amount of cleaning for a Sunday, but it helps you feel like you’re starting the week on a clean, organised foot.

Get on top of the laundry. 

I like to have a think about what’s going on in the week, any clothes I might want or need for specific events, and make sure everything makes it in the wash. It’s not a long job even if it’s a tedious one, but it saves me doing a mad last minute wash midweek, or realising the dress I wanted to wear to an event has a stain on it.

Meditate and stretch. 

I like to grab half an hour before bed on a Sunday on my yoga mat. I’ll pop in a guided meditation from the Calm app, and sit for a few minutes and just clear my mind. Then I’ll do some basic stretches just to relax my shoulders and loosen my muscles up. It doesn’t take long but it does wonders for making me feel that bit more relaxed and ready for a good night’s sleep.

Prep a few meals.

Whether you roast a whole chicken to use the meat for lunches in the week, chuck something in the slow cooker, or just make up a tub of pasta salad, I like to do a little bit of meal prep on a Sunday so I have lunch for work, but also so when I’m knackered after work on a Monday I don’t have to cook.

Make these things non-negotiables in your Sunday routine, and come Monday morning, things are guaranteed to feel a little easier.

What are your Sunday rituals?