The Handbag Essentials I Don’t Leave Home Without

Remember the good ol’ days of blogging when ‘What’s In My Bag’ posts were a thing? Well, we’re throwing it back today with something a little similar. I wanted to talk to you about handbag essentials, because I don’t know about you but I LOVE having a root around in someone else’s handbag, seeing what they carry everyday, what they deem essential. I swap handbags around on a near daily basis, but there’s a selection of essentials that make it into to every bag no matter the size.

Before we crack into the beauty bits, I thought I’d quickly mention the other bits I tote around. I don’t go anywhere without my bullet journal, since it contains list after list of everything I need to know, do and buy. It’s handy for scrawling down notes or filling time on slow trains, and it contains all the important dates and such. I use a plain white Leuchtturm with dotted pages, and the pen I carry is a gold Hay number, which is sleek and slimline and writes super smoothly for a biro.

I never leave home without my portable phone charger, granted since I upgraded my phone to the XS I’ve needed it less, but it’s still handy for those long days, and has gotten me out of a few near misses. The charger I have was a work freebie but I like it’s slim shape and the fact it can do about a charge and a half of my phone. I keep two hair ties wrapped around the charger, it holds the cable in place but also means I always have a hair band when I need one!

A few random bits, I have a leather Michael Kors palm print pouch, they call these travel wallets but they’re the perfect size for keeping all the little bits together in your handbag. In here I keep assorted beauty bits, but also a pack of Compeed, my travel sickness wristbands and eye drops too. I quite often go weeks without using any of those things, but when I do need them I’m so grateful for them. I keep a little pot of ibuprofen in here too, and that proves handy fairly regurlarly

Hand sanitizer is a must, I suppose a habit picked up from years in London. I always pick up a handful from Bath and Bodyworks, they just smell incredible. I’m using the Warm Vanilla Sugar scent right now and it’s delicious, so seasonal! I have handcream too, since I generally find that hand sanitizer and soap in public toilets dry my hands out to no end, I recently picked up a new one at Daylesford Farm, it’s Bitter Orange scented and it smells like a Christmas dream.

Moving into the colder months I tend to have perpetually dry lips too, so I’ve always got a tube of lip balm on the go. I like the Glossier Balm Dotcoms, there’s no impractical pot to dip a finger into, they’re thick and nourishing, and they smell great. I also always have a Generation G Lipstick in Cake in my bag, it’s the perfect wash of nude colour you can apply without a mirror and looks good with any makeup look.

It’s a simple lineup, but one that serves me well. These are the handbag essentials I like to know lurk under crumpled receipts, discarded labels and half eaten cereal bars in my handbag!

What are your handbag essentials?