Summer Cocktails at Be At One Bar Bournemouth

When Be At One Bar opened in Bournemouth last August, I added it to my mental list of ‘places to try’, but the opportunity sadly never arose (let’s face it, I’m not exactly a party animal). That is, until last week, until I found myself front and centre at the bar, surrounded by some other lovely Bournemouth Bloggers, ready to try out the new Be At One Bar summer menu!

They’ve put a lot of thought into the interiors at Be At One, from herringbone floors to neon signs to the marble and baby pink bathrooms, the whole spot is pretty instagrammable. It’s nestled at the bottom of Richmond Hill in Bournemouth, making it probably the most central bar in town (and a short ten minute stumbling distance from home).

We were greeted by the super friendly bar team, who made us fresh peach Bellini’s on arrival, whilst chatting to us about the bar, the drinks and what it’s like working at Be At One. It was nice to see a team so knowledgable and excited about their work, it was clear they all loved their jobs.

All the bar staff at Be At One Bar are Free Pour Trained, so not only are your drinks made faster, it’s a lot more entertaining to watch too! Without the tie of having to measure every ingredient out by hand, staff are free to play around a bit more whilst making the drinks! They also gave us a demonstration of the straws they use, made from 100% corn, they dissolve in hot water! No single use plastics here!

To say the cocktail menu at Be At One Bar is extensive would be an understatement, with over 120 cocktails on the menu at any one time, you’re guaranteed to find something that tickles your fancy. They even have the Be At One Bar app, which has ‘Cocktail Tinder’ to help you find your perfect match! They’ve put a lot of thought into the experience here, and honestly there were so many cocktails I wanted to try!

For the first pick though, I went in hard with a Jet Pilot (which we later nicknamed Jet Fuel, it was so strong!). Made with a Plantation Rum that comes in at 69% proof, it’s not for the faint of heart (or the non-rum drinkers!). It was delicious though, the spiced lime liquer and cinnamon syrup turned it in to an almost festive beverage – I love a spicy cocktail!

There were some other great picks around the bar, Emma gave the bar the Pornstar Martini test and it passed with flying colours, and Harrison as designated driver put the virgin cocktails to the test! The bar staff also supplied us with a few tasting shots of some of the…stranger drinks on the menu, like the Toast and Butter Daiquiri!

For our last round of cocktails it seems we all went for a dessert theme! Be At One does these SO well, we had alcoholic milkshakes with Kinder Bueno, popcorn smoothies with a kick, a Banoffee Old Fashioned topped with Banoffee Foam. I opted for a Blueberry Muffin, which kind of tasted like a spicy version of a Cosmopolitan! Vanilla Vodka, Gingerbread Syrup, Blueberry Jam, Cranberry and Lemon, it was right up my street, and the perfect sweet mix to wrap up the evening!

We had so much fun cocktail swapping and tasting, and it was honestly so refreshing to see a team that were so passionate about what they do! I’m excited to head back to Be At One with some friends this summer, and I’d definitely recommend heading to your local branch the next time you’re after a good cocktail! You’ll even get your first drink for £5 if you download the app!

What’s your favourite cocktail?

Our drinks were complimentary in exchange for a blog post, but all thoughts and ramblings are my own as always! Thank you Be At One for hosting us!