Learning to Dress For Hot Weather

I am not a hot weather human. Generally speaking, I quite dislike the summer months, I prefer jeans, jumper and boot weather, no humidity and being able to wear a coat over my outfit to hide the fact it’s the same one as yesterday. The hot weather makes me grumpy, I’m clammy and sweaty, my hair puffs up, my hands and feet get swollen, really, it’s not a pretty picture.

This year though, I’ve really had to embrace hot weather. With six weeks in Australia back in February, followed by a week in Dubai, not only did I miss most of the worst Winter weather, it’s pretty much been great weather since then. In the UK we’ve had week on week of glorious sunshine, balmy heat and general summer vibes, and we’re not even halfway through July. So, I’ve had to embrace summer and honestly? I’m not hating it.

Getting dressing for hot weather down has been the trickiest thing. My wardrobe is 80% jeans and bulky knits, which don’t lend themselves well to 30 degree days and 60% + humidity. In Australia I picked up a few new summery pieces, and since then I’ve been on a bit of a summer wardrobe shopping spree! I’ve shared some of my favourite warm weather wardrobe pieces in this postbut today I wanted to talk about how I pick things out, and what I’m looking for!

Pick natural fabrics. My wardrobe right now is teeming with linen + 100% organic cotton. The last thing you want on a hot, humid day is artificial fabrics clinging to you, making you hotter and sweatier than necessary. Pick good quality, lightweight, breathable fabrics and you’ll notice a difference.

Keep your shoulders covered. You don’t need to be out in the midday sun with exposed shoulders, it’s a recipe for sunburn. Pick a top or dress with a bit of arm and shoulder protection.

Plan for an outfit change. If you’re going to be out and about all day in the hot weather, take a change of clothes with you. If I’m out and about all day doing different things, I try to keep an outfit change in the car for when I get super hot and clammy. Even if you just chuck it on for dinner, it’s nice to have an easy way to freshen yourself up.

Look for fabrics that won’t crease. Lightweight cotton dresses, tailored trousers, things that won’t crumple as you get flustered!

Loose fits and light colours. If in doubt, you really can’t go wrong with a loose fitting silhouette in a white/light shade. The last thing you want is clothes that stick and cling when you’re feeling hot and clammy, and picking light colours will help reflect the heat rather than absorb it.

What are your tips for summer dressing?