The Linen Jumpsuit of My Dreams

Okay, so it’s no secret I’m into jumpsuits right now. My style pieces I’m loving right now, post was basically an ode to all the jumpsuits currently in my wardrobe, and I even wrote a whole post on why I think a jumpsuit should be your key summer piece. I thought I was done boring you on the topic of jumpsuits, but then this one came into my life and all resolutions went out the window.

The jumpsuit in question is from Zara, I can’t find it online but I’ve seen it in stores this week so you may still have some luck. It’s a tapered leg black linen number, and as soon as I saw it, I knew I had to have it.

I love a versatile piece, and this is the very epitome. Worn alone, it’s cool but keeps your legs covered (no chub rub here guys), I love lightweight linen in the summer. It can be dressed up with heels, or down with converse or sandals. It’s work appropriate, but still cute. BASICALLY, IT’S THE DREAM GUYS.

Okay, I’ll concede, it’s not super flattering in the arse region, but honestly I don’t care. It’s so comfortable, and I love the way I can chuck this on in the morning and not have to worry about it.

I wore it to London last week and MAN it was hot. The suede jacket I paired it with was definitely a mistake, but once I whipped that off, I was just right. I love the tie detail in the back, and the way it’s slightly open, and the drawstring waist helps make it just a little more flattering.

So yeah, if you’re looking for a summer staple, this is your boy. I’ve been wearing this in the evenings with heels and a smart jacket, and I’ve worn it to the beach with flip flops over a bikini. It’s so versatile, I think I’ve got my money’s worth in less than three weeks!

What’s your summer wardrobe staple?

Thanks to Kelly and Chelsea for the photos!