Your Summer Wardrobe Needs: A Jumpsuit

I’ve never been one for jumpsuits, I’ve got a body shape that makes it a little tricky to find a one piece that fits. However, this spring it seems every store has jumped on the jumpsuit trend, and there’s one for every body shape in every style.

My new found love for jumpsuits was sparked by this number from Primark of all places. It was thirteen pounds and I’ve already gotten so much wear from it. I love the culotte leg and the tie waist, I think it’s quite a flattering shape. I love the navy and blush pink stripe combo, and how I can dress this up with heeled sandals, or down with an oversized cardigan and converse.

I’ve worn this to work, to dinners, to casual afternoon lunches and shopping sprees. For these photos I was at a restaurant opening event, and it was the perfect smart-but-not-too-smart look for the evening. I paired it with my dusky pink sandals from Nine West, and my Chloe bag, and I think it looks pretty smart?

So this is the jumpsuit that started the love affair, and now I have a little section in my wardrobe devoted to jumpsuits. So why the love affair I ask?

It’s a whole outfit in one go. No fussing about trying to find a top to go with your new skirt, or wondering whether your tee and jeans are the same shade of black. Dressing in the morning is so much easier when there’s only one thing to put on!

They’re so comfortable. Now okay, I can’t say categorically every jumpsuit in the world is comfortable, although at this point it does seem like I’m close to trying them all. What I can say is, I have yet to try on an uncomfortable one. Most of them have a little stretch and a lot of give, there’s no tight waistbands that dig in when you sit down, and generally speaking they’re quite loose fitting. I wore a jumpsuit for the seven hour flight back from Dubai and I may as well have been wearing pyjamas.

You can dress them up or down. Switch out your shoes, bag and jacket and you have two completely different outfits. Of course, this may not always be the case, but as I generally gravitate towards simple patterns and colour palettes, it stands true for most of mine.

So there we go, jumpsuits are a wardrobe staple for me now! What about you, are you a fan?