How I Look After My Skin When Travelling

Travel is notoriously a nightmare on the skin. A trip on a train or a plane, long days on the move, different water types, diet changes, they all come into play when travelling and inevitably wreak havoc on the skin. I’m lucky enough to travel fairly frequently, both for work and pleasure, and whilst I’m certainly not complaining, it can be hard to keep your skin looking good.

Over the past few years as I’ve been travelling more frequently over the past couple of years, I’ve picked up a few tips along the way for keeping your skin under control whilst away, and when you get back too.

Stick with water.  Long travel days, harsh air conditioning and harsh water at your destination all can leave your skin feeling dehydration. When travelling, the temptation can be to load up on coffee, alcohol, fizzy drinks, anything to give you a bit more energy, but inevitably leading to congested skin, or contributing to dehydration. Particularly on the days I’m travelling to or from my destination, I try to just stick to water, with maybe one coffee in the morning or glass of wine in the evening. One of the biggest things that keeps my skin clear day to day is drinking enough water, so I try to put away more than my usual two litres whilst travelling.

Keep an eye on your diet. If all you eat at home is salads, and then you spend a week gorging on fast food and drinking excessively, you’re going to see the results of that in your skin. I’m not saying don’t indulge in those foodie treats, but try and balance it out with something healthy throughout the day. When I’m travelling I normally try to have a healthy breakfast, with some veggies and avocado, which my skin loves. That way when I’m feasting on a burger later in the day I don’t feel so bad.

Clean those paws. Whether you’re on a plane, a train, a bus or a boat, or just out exploring somewhere new, I always keep a bottle of hand sanitizer in my bag, and try to use it regularly. Particularly when flying, planes are hotbeds of dirt and germs, so keeping your hands clean for any subconscious face-touching will help prevent you breaking out.

Cleanse and cleanse again. I always wash my face more frequently when I’m travelling. I tend to fly makeup-free, wash my face before a flight, cleanse before landing, and do a scrub when I’m at my destination. I make sure to double cleanse deeply on city days, and if I’m chilling at the hotel before an evening out, I’ll remove my makeup and do a deep cleanse. Keeping your skin clean is half the battle!

Facial rolling. Facial rolling is fairly new to me but my god is it great for travel. I love using it on planes to wake my face up, and stop my skin getting puffy in flight, but it’s also great for really working serums into the skin, and depuffing your eyes in the morning.

Stick to your routine. If you’ve got tried and tested skincare products you know your skin adores, take them with you! I try to as much as possible, keep my skincare routine the same while travelling, so at the very least I can avoid new product related breakouts. Pick up minis, gift with purchases, or fill up travel bottles with your favourites.

Always travel with a mask. Consider it your get out of jail free card. Take something moisturising if you’re flying, and something that you know will get rid of breakouts or congestion if it occurs. I don’t go anywhere without the Origins Drink Up Intensive Maskor the Kiehl’s Pollutant Defending Masque

How do you keep your skin looking great whilst travelling?