A June To Do List

*Insert cliched but true comment on the passing of time*. June. We’re in bloody June and yet the weather outside could almost have you believing summer is done and dusted and winter is on the horizon. Hopefully, this won’t remain the case for long, because I’ve been in summer mode since Australia and I’m in no hurry to give it up. I’ve put together a little June to do list, let’s hope the sun returns soon so we can start ticking them off.

Get in the sea. Now, I don’t mean in in, because the English Channel still thinks it’s March, but on our next hot sunny day I want to get down to the beach and splash my feet. We’re literally a ten minute walk from the seafront at the flat, so I’m looking forward to making the most of it this summer.

Lazy afternoons in the garden with a book. Whether it’s lying out on our terrace or pulling up a chair in my parents back garden, I’m looking forward to lazy afternoons in the sun, working my way through my summer reading list (top on the list is Stephanie Garber’s Legendary).

Strawberry picking. From today, our local pick your own farm has strawberries ready! I can’t wait to get down there and pick some fresh strawberries, perfect for nibbling in the sun, popping on a fresh Victoria Sponge, or using in my morning smoothie.

Experiment with summer cocktail recipes. I’ve got some gorgeous new champagne coupe glasses that are just begging to be filled with fresh summer cocktails. I’m thinking something with gin, elderflower, and lots of seasonal fruit.

Keep moving. As I’m getting stronger post-surgery, I’m trying to slowly make time in my daily routine for more movement. Whether that’s a slow yoga routine before bed, a little walk into town, or a busy day on my feet, I’m looking forward to the opportunity to get my fitness levels up. My mum and I are trying to find a yoga class to get into, and my sister and I are trying out a Barrecore class next week.

What’s on your June to do list?