How To Feel At Home When Travelling

Travelling is exciting, but it’s also pretty exhausting, and a long day exploring a new city can leave you longing for your own bed by the end of the day. That’s not to say travelling, or staying in hotels isn’t fun, but sometimes it can be nice to make your abode for the trip feel a little more homely.

I love travelling but I’m a home bird at heart, and having a cosy, homely space for a little downtime is SO important to me, especially on longer trips. If, like me, you ever experience any anxiety around travel too, having a few things in your suitcase to make you feel at home can make all the difference. So whether you’re a seasoned traveller, or not used to leaving the nest, I’m sharing my tips to help your hotel room feel like home – without making your suitcase burst at the seams.

Take your favourite pyjamas. Step one to feeling at home, pack your favourite, snuggliest, cosiest pjs, and make the most of them. There’s nothing better after a long day exploring than having a hot shower and pulling on your favourite pjs. I always chuck a pair of cosy socks and an eye mask into my case too, it’s amazing how far these little things can go to making you feel at home!

Travel Candles. Travel candles are a newfound love of mine! Admittedly I didn’t pack one for New York since I knew I’d be picking up candles there, but I have a little stash of them now that I like to pick from for trips. They go a long way to getting rid of that somewhat clinical hotel room smell, or the leftover cleaning product smell after housekeeping have been in, and can make the space feel more like your own! If your accommodation doesn’t allow candles, decant a little room spray into a small bottle to take!

Don’t skimp on skincare. If I’m travelling for more than a day or two, I always like to take as much of my usual skincare routine as possible. Not only does it help reduce the risk of a travel induced breakout, but I find the actual act of going through my skincare routine so calming. I make sure to bring my favourite hand cream and a good body lotion too!

Netflix Downloads. Praise the streaming gods that Netflix now let you download to your device for offline viewing! No more trying to stream your favourite series on spotty wifi, you can now pre download a selection of movies and series to watch later. I always download a few of my favourite easy watches before a trip so if I can’t sleep I can snuggle up and watch something.

Stock up on healthy snacks. I’m a big fan of filling my minibar with snack pots of my favourite fruit, and a few bottles of water, and I usually travel with a box of cereal bars in my suitcase too. That way if the jetlag is real you don’t have to splurge on room service at 3am, or if you just fancy a quiet evening in watching TV, you’ve got snacks!

Unpack your bags. Nobody likes living out of a suitcase. Even if you’re only travelling for a few days, unpack your bags and stow your cases away, make the place feel like home!

Are you a home bird like me?

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