All Used Up

I go through phases with using up products – does anyone else find that everything always runs out at the same time? It’s been a while since I did an empties style post for that reason, so today I’ve got a selection of products I’ve used up and my final thoughts on them! I always think you get the best opinions on a product once you’ve used the whole thing.

I used up a few haircare bits, these are the bits I always run out of the fastest! The Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance is my go to detangler/leave in conditioner, I’m sure I’ll repurchase it again in the future but right now I’m using a Mane and Tail one and I quite like it. You can’t beat the smell of Aussie’s offering though, SO good!

I used up two dry shampoos, my second tube of the CoLab Tropical Dry Shampoo, and a mini can of the Got2B Fresh It Up Dry Shampoo. The CoLab offering is my go to for day to day, it’s lightweight and gives a little texture to the hair too which I like. The Got2B one though is better at reviving hair that’s looking a little past it’s best, and I’ll certainly be grabbing another can of this for days when it’s get up and wash my hair, or grab an extra half hour in bed.

I finally got to the bottom of this giant 700ml bottle of Garnier Skin Active Micellar Water, I didn’t like this at all, it felt greasy on my skin, so I’ve been using it to get rid of swatches etc. I much prefer Bioderma and have still to find a micellar water that contends with it! I did love the Glossier Super Pure Serum though, and have already repurchased a new bottle of this, I couldn’t go without it! It’s so good at keeping my skin clear and calm, I use it every evening and this bottle lasted me just shy of three months, so I don’t think it’s priced too badly either.

One kinda miscellaneous empty, I used up the Maybelline Dr Rescue Nail Polish Remover. As nail polished go I quite liked this, it’s effective but quite gentle on the nails, and it’s pretty compact if you want to travel with it. I don’t use polish remover often anymore since I got hooked on getting my nails done, but I’d recommend this one!

Makeup products are SO much harder to get through but I seem to have rinsed a few recently. Mascaras are the one product I routinely used up, recently I’ve finished the Rimmel Volume Shake Mascara which was a good all rounder, and another tube of my favourite Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Volume Mascara, which makes around 4/5 that I’ve gone through now. It’s just my favourite for thick, fluttery lashes.

I was sad to see the end of my Estée Lauder Double Wear Brush On Glow BB Highlight (longest name ever)it’s a gorgeous hybrid of concealer and highlighter, perfect for brightening up the undereyes whilst offering some coverage too. I have a lot of concealers on the go at the moment so I’m going to try use a few more up before I repurchase but I certainly will at some point.

Another Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer bit the dust, and sadly I didn’t get to use it all before it went a little funny. I love this primer, it’s my absolute favourite for making makeup stay perfect all day. Unfortunately this one got lost in the move and when I rediscovered it it had been open too long and made my skin break out. It’s painfully expensive but if you were looking to splurge, or if you were getting married and wanted your makeup to look freshly applied all day, I can’t recommend it enough.

And lastly, I used up a full size and deluxe sample size of the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper, which if you’ve read my blog for a while you’ll know is the only liquid eyeliner I bother with. It’s inky black, easy to apply and doesn’t budge – basically idiot proof.

I’m making it my goal for 2018 to use up as many products as possible and buy less! I have so many I want to put a real dent in this year.

Have you used up any beauty products recently?