3 Independent Coffee Shops in New York To Try

Before we’d even booked our trip to New York, I had an Instagram collection full of gorgeous independent coffee shops in the city to try. What can I say, your gal loves coffee. That meant that while we were there, every time we fancied a good coffee (not just a Starbucks to hide from the cold in) we had a list to go to straight away. Whilst we didn’t get to try even half the spots on my list – there’s a lot of great coffee in NY – we certainly put a dent in it. So today I thought I’d round up three of my favourite independent coffee shops in New York to try.

Blue Bottle Coffee.

After spotting those dreamy tiles on Instagram I knew we’d have to swing by Blue Bottle Coffee. They have a couple of locations around the city but we ended up going to the Bryant Park location. Calling this place independent is probably a little stretch, since they now have a fair few locations round the US, BUT since they started out 15 years ago they’ve worked hard to make sure their original ethos and small brand vibe stretches to every location, so we’re making an exception.

The Bryant Park store isn’t huge, they only have bar seating for at a push 6 people, but most people were getting their coffee to go so we were able to grab stools at the marble bar. This location is located next to a co-working space so for the most part their busy with local workers, but the staff were super friendly and took making our coffee very seriously!

You won’t find an excess of syrups and flavours here, it’s all about that great coffee taste. They’ve got all your classic espresso based drinks, plus a choice of drip coffees made to order and timed to perfection. The coffee was delicious (and the cakes went down well too, I had a caramel apple muffin style cake and Con had an oat bar that had a layer of apricot jam in the centre – delicious!).

COST: From $3.25 for an espresso to $5.25 for a mocha.


DAIRY FREE? Yes, almond milk available for $1 surcharge.


WIFI? No, but the co-working space has a free guest wifi you can join, so basically yes.

54 W 40th St, New York, NY 10018, USA

Happy Bones.

A gorgeous little Aussie inspired coffee shop nestled in the heart of Soho/Nolita. Fantastic location for a mid shopping pick me up, or for a little caffeine hit after lunch (close to Instagram favourites Jack’s Wife Freda, The Butchers Daughter, Sosta, Pietro Nolita). We stopped in for a quick flat white and oggle at the gorgeous interiors, whitewashed brick walls and marble tables get a thumbs up from me.

Staff were super friendly and chatty, didn’t rush through our coffees so they tasted fantastic. A great selection of herbal teas, and I adore the little bone doodles on the coffee cups. Again, a very small location, with only three tables and a small bar so don’t expect to hang around, but it’s a lovely place for a little pit stop. Coffee was tasty and strong, kept us going for quite some time after!

COST: From $2 for a small filter coffee to $4.50 for a latte.


DAIRY FREE? Yes, some confusion as to whether they always have all the options but they seem to always have either oat or almond milk available for 50c surcharge.


WIFI? Yes, free.

394 Broome St, New York, NY 10013, USA


Our absolute favourite of all the coffee spots we hit up here. Connor declared his Sweatshop flat white the best he’d ever had and this from a man who wouldn’t smile if he was handed a million dollars. Coffee was almost creamy in texture, expertly brewed and not even slightly acidic. I also had an oat milk chai which was out of this world tasty. We couldn’t help but try the apple cider donuts and woaaaah mama were they good (also reduced to a dollar since we were nearing the end of the day).

The store itself is petite but perfectly formed. Another one with white washed brick, there’s cute shelving filled with greenery and magazines. It’s not huge but there’s a couple of communal tables and on our visit on Saturday afternoon there was seating room. It was also the only coffee shop (other than Starbucks) to have it’s own bathroom. Super friendly and knowledgeable staff, this place alone is worth the trip to Brooklyn.

COST: From $3 for an espresso to $5.75 for something called an EskyWho knows what that is.


DAIRY FREE? Yes, loads of options although they weren’t on the menu and we didn’t get a receipt so I have no idea if there was a charge.


WIFI? Yes, free.

+ Bonus points for Aesop hand soaps in the bathroom.

232 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211, USA

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