Things You Should Do This Weekend

January can feel like a bit of an odd month, recovering from the hectic festive season whilst trying not to spend money/eat too much/drink – whatever your new years resolutions are, it’s easy to feel a little bored. Staying home doesn’t HAVE to be boring though, in fact, these January weekends can be a great opportunity to get your house + your mind in order for the rest of the year. With that in mind, here’s a few things to add to your weekend to do list.

  • Oversleep. How often do you allow yourself the pleasure of getting into bed without setting an alarm? Start your weekend off with a recharge, don’t set that alarm and allow your body to sleep until it’s ready. Chances are it won’t be as late as you think, but you’ll feel so much better for the extra couple of hours kip. There’s nothing wrong with starting your weekend a little later, especially if it puts you in a good, relaxed state for the remainder.
  • Get outside. Yes it’s cold, yeah it might rain, but that’s January for you. Bundle up in your favourite scarf and warmest coat and get outside. Whether that’s a twenty minute walk round the block or a four hour nature ramble, use this weekend to get some fresh air in your lungs and movement into your joints.
  • Have coffee with a friend you haven’t seen in a while. Nobody’s January is jam packed, use it as an excuse to pick up the phone on a friend it’s been too long since you’ve seen. Get together at your favourite coffee shop, or even your home, and share a catch up over steaming hot coffee. I’m planning on catching up with my girl Chloe tomorrow and I couldn’t be more excited, seeing someone I haven’t seen in a while always makes me feel refreshed!
  • Treat yourself to a bedroom spruce up. Change your sheets, give the surfaces a dust, buy yourself some flowers (or move a plant in) and light a candle. Clear away any clutter and make your bedroom an oasis of quiet calm that makes you excited to go to bed.
  • Give yourself a facial. My favourite Saturday night treat is a long soak in the bath followed by an at home facial. Steam your skin with a hot flannel after taking your makeup off, put a mask or two on, spend time really massaging those serums and moisturisers into your skin. Looking after your skin is such a wonderful, calming act of self care, and you deserve it!
  • Have an offline evening. Put down your phone, turn off the neverending cycle of Friends episodes on Netflix, and be offline. Practise some yoga, curl up with a cup of tea and a good book, play a board game, do something that involves no screens + more good conversation.
  • Declutter your beauty stash. There’s something so therapeutic about a Sunday morning spent rifling through the bathroom cabinet, getting rid of products old or unloved. Clear out your beauty supplies to allow more room in your home + your life for the products you truly love.
  • Meal prep and plan. Get ahead with your meal plan for the week, and try to prep as much as you can in advance. Not only will you save money on your lunch at work, but it’ll give you more time in the evenings for the fun stuff outside of work and chores. Browse Pinterest or a recipe book you haven’t shown enough love to, and pick out some delicious, nourishing recipes to try that will get you excited to cook throughout the week.
  • Set goals for the week ahead. I’m not talking about work goals, but rather goals you’d like to achieve personally. Whether you want to put a little more time into your relationships this week, you want to try and add meditation into your routine, or you want to focus on your health, whatever it is, put pen to paper and set some achievable goals for the next seven days.

What are your plans this weekend?

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