5 Style Rules I Live By

Despite my three year tenure at London College of Fashion, I’ve never described myself as ‘fashionable’. Whilst the rest of my class found dressing in the morning to be an artform, I’d bag myself an extra hour in bed and then throw on jeans and a hoodie. Despite a keen interest in fashion, style was never something I applied to myself, but rather something I wanted to learn about and share with others.

Fast forward two years since my graduation and it’s a different story. I love clothes, and not just on other people. I love buying clothes, I love the way clothes make me feel, and I love curating a wardrobe full of pieces I love.

So what changed? I suppose at Uni I was lacking confidence, not making an effort was easier than trying and failing in front of a room full of fashion experts. But really I think it’s the fact I have a better understanding of who I am, and how I like to dress.

Now though, I just don’t really care what people think. I don’t care if people like my outfit, because it’s mine, and I like it. I don’t care if people think it looks weird, or they wouldn’t wear it, or if I’m overdressed or underdressed. I wear clothes to make me happy, not anyone else. And because of that I think I’ve found my personal style quite easy, I know what I like and I know how to identify if I will really wear a piece of clothing and love it.

So now dressing is pretty easy, and I’ve developed five simple ‘rules’ I adhere to when it comes to style.

Comfort always comes first. What’s the point in buying a beautiful jumper if it’s itchy? Or a pair of trousers where the waistband pinches your skin? I’ve gotten to a point now where every piece of clothing in my wardrobe is comfortable, I’d be happy to wear any of it on a day in London, sat in meetings all day, or even on a plane. If it’s not comfortable, it’s not coming home with me.

Formfitting doesn’t always win. I used to favour tight fitting clothes, believing baggier, looser-fits to be less attractive. As I’ve gotten older I’ve realised that I don’t care how my body looks under clothes, I care about the pieces themselves! Clothes don’t have to be skin tight to be flattering, and also, I don’t really give a crap whether my butt looks good in something – I can’t see it!

Soft colours are more flattering on me. I’ve never really bought into the idea that we suit a ‘colour palette’ with strict rules, but I do know that bright colours don’t work for me – mostly because I’m not comfortable in them! I think it’s really obvious if you don’t feel confident in an outfit, and for me I’m much more comfortable in softer colours.

Two out of three ain’t bad. Sometimes I feel like only super woman and Blake Lively have time to do it all. I think I can count on one hand how many times my hair, makeup and outfit have all looked great at the same time this year. And I’ve forgiven myself for that, because who has the time?! As a general rule I’ve learnt if you make an effort with your makeup and outfit, people won’t even notice your in-need-of-a-wash-hair-pineapple.

If you like it, buy it. Who cares if it’s weird, or if you don’t think your boyfriend will like it?! If you love it, you feel comfortable in it and you know you’ll wear it all the time, just buy it.

Do you have a set of style rules?