GLOSSIER: My First Impressions + Is It Worth The Hype?

I’m sure by now we’re all very much aware that Glossier launched in the UK this month, causing beauty fanatics up and down the country to pretty much explode with delight. I’ll admit that I initially wasn’t one of them, launch day rolled around and I had no interest in placing an order – generally speaking when a product is massively hyped like Glossier has been, it causes me to lose interest. However, after a gift card landed in my lap I found myself eating my words, and placing a little order.

A few things to note before we crack on with my first impressions:

Delivery. No half measures here, Glossier have gone all the way and set up a UK distribution centre. This is great for us, not only because the delivery time is significantly shorter, but also because there are no import fees or taxes to be paid. Standard delivery is £4, but free if you spend £5 (easily done), and will arrive in 2-5 days, or you can get Next Day delivery for £6. As far as I can see if your order comes in a box (ie, if you’ve ordered basically everything or you’ve ordered one of the ‘Phase’ sets that comes in it’s own box) your order will be delivered by DPD, and if it comes in a bubble mailer – smaller parcels – it’ll come via Royal Mail).

Pricing. The price point of these products is better than expected. Unlike most US retailers broaching the UK market they seem to have priced their products the same as their US counterparts, rather than just converting that dollar sign to a pound sign. This means you’re paying the same as someone purchasing in the US which is nice! There are also a lot of 10% off codes circulating to soften the blow of that first order, you can use mine here.

So without any further ado, let’s talk about what I bought!

Phase One Set – Milky Jelly Cleanser, Priming Moisturiser, your choice of Balm Dot Com. £35. This set is a great place to start with Glossier’s ‘skincare staples’. You save £8 buying this bundle which I think is a pretty decent saving, essentially meaning you buy the cleanser + moisturiser, and get a lip balm for £2, which is a fairly good deal! I think if you’re interested in trying the brand out but aren’t sure where to start, this is a great idea!

Milky Jelly Cleanser: This is one of Glossier’s most hyped up products, and in all honesty probably the one I was least excited about. I couldn’t really figure out why everyone was talking about it – until I tried it that is. I’d say the name isn’t super accurate, I was surprised to find that this is almost balmy in texture, slightly waxy feeling as you massage it into the skin. I find that two pumps seems to be the perfect amount – it doesn’t foam or bubble but massaging this into the skin feels much more luxurious than the £15 price tag would lead you to believe. It’s a really gentle cleanser, it doesn’t strip your skin or leave it feeling oily, it just feels quite soothing and natural on the skin. I’ve been really enjoying this as a second step when cleansing, it leaves my skin feeling fresh and plump! My one down point is I’m not massively into the smell, but it’s light and fairly non-offensive so it doesn’t put me off!

THE VERDICT: Pick this up next time you’re out of cleanser.

Priming Moisturiser: I opted for this over the rich version as I tend to like my morning moisturisers lighter in formula. This stuff is lovely, light and non greasy, it sinks into the skin quickly and without fuss. It has the same scent as the cleanser but once it’s absorbed (within about 10 seconds) the smell vanishes, so again it’s not a massive issue. This does contain retinol, so that’s something to be wary of, but I really like how it makes my skin feel, tight and ready for makeup. Makeup does apply well over it, but it doesn’t stop any oil disrupting your makeup throughout the day, so if you tend to get oily you may still want another primer over the top. Overall though I like this and it’s making my morning routine much simpler.

THE VERDICT: If you’re looking to streamline your morning routine, pick this up in place of primer and moisturiser.

Mint Balm Dot Com: I’ve been in the market for a new holy grail status lip balm since The Body Shop discontinued their Aloe Lip Care. I love the Bobbi Brown lip balm but it’s a pot so not super practical for on the go. I’m pleased to report I really like this, it’s got a strong fresh peppermint scent and is a little tingly on the lips, it’s a little more matte than it is glossy, it’s thick but applies nicely and doesn’t sink in too quick, letting your lips feel pampered for longer. I’d steer clear of the mint flavour if you’re prone to sore cracked lips, since I can’t imagine the tingling would go well, but as a cold weather handbag staple it get’s two thumbs up for me, and I’m thinking of picking up another flavour.

THE VERDICT: Love this, order one now!

Super Pure Serum: Since my surgery at the end of September my skin’s been pretty bumpy and unhappy, and I was after something to chill it back out again. This NEVER happens for me with skincare but I noticed a difference with this from the first use, my skin felt calmer and softer, a little smoother and less red. Fast forward two weeks of daily use and my skin is looking GREAT. This for me is the star product and one I can’t see me being without now! It’s very runny in texture but I find using the dropper to apply it directly to the face is the easiest way. It’s a small container for the price BUT I find I only use around a third of a dropper each night so I think it will last a while. Regardless, I’d pay three times this considering how well this works!

THE VERDICT: If you buy one thing let it be this.

Generation G Lipstick in Like: I wanted to love this because the formula is SO nice, a sheer matte balm you can easily build up for more colour, soft on the lips and looks like a natural tint, but for me all the colours are a little off. I’ve tried Cake and Jam and can say the same thing, they all seem to pull quite blue toned and just don’t seem quite right. I feel like they’re missing a real my lips but better shade! I also think for the price the packaging could be a little nicer!

THE VERDICT: Give these a miss.

Cloud Paints in Dusk and Beam: I didn’t have super high hopes for these since I don’t tend to be a massive fan of cream blushes, but these are lovely. A little fiddly, you only need the tiniest amount of product, and trying to get that out of the tube isn’t easy – I feel like there’s a lot of wastage happening, but it’s SO easy to apply, it blends in with your fingers a dream. I’ve been keeping these in my handbag for when I feel like I need a little colour throughout the day, they’re so easy to apply on the go. They blend out well but are also easy to build up for a bolder blush look too. The wear time is great and they make a great base for powder blush too. I haven’t had any problems applying these on top of matte formula foundations, and I think the colour range is nice. Dusk is my favourite right now, a natural tawny blush shade that adds a little dimension to the face, but I think Beam is going to get a lot of use come Spring!

THE VERDICT: Love these, pick these up!

Hopefully you’re not too Glossier-ed out after all that! For me the standout products are the Super Pure Serum + Cloud Paints, I’d give the Generation G’s a miss, and everything else I’ve tried is nice. I really do think they’re an example of a company that’s used social media + influencer advertising incredibly well, and perhaps they’re not the holy-grail company the internet is making them out to be, but they certainly have some great products! If you’re interested in giving them a go, definitely pick up the Phase One set to see what all the fuss is about! Don’t forget to use this link for 10% off your first order!

Have you tried anything from Glossier? What should I order next?