Visiting Es Vedra in Ibiza

Our time in Ibiza could certainly be described as short and sweet, we had pretty much exactly 48 hours to cram as much in as possible! We were batting ideas around in our group chat in the week leading up to the trip, how to best spend our limited time on the island, and the one thing we all agreed we absolutely needed to fit in was a trip to see Es Vedra. 

Es Vedra is a limestone rock island off the west coast of Ibiza, the subject of many a myth and legend. It’s the third most magnetic point on Earth, beat only by the North Pole and Bermuda triangle – trying to use a compass in this area is near pointless, and even homing pigeons are said to lose their sense of direction when they fly over Es Vedra.

We had (somewhat naively we now realise) hoped to walk down to the hidden beach of Atlantis, tucked into a cove overlooking the rock. It’s a long hike down, and we decided as temperatures had already crept over 30 degrees by 10am it probably wasn’t the wisest idea!

Instead we hopped in our Enterprise rental car and headed towards Es Vedra. You’ll struggle to find explicit directions, but when you’re on the main road to Es Cubells, keep your eyes peeled for a dirt track headed towards the coast. It’s a ten minute off road drive (that had me very worried about our rental car – a gorgeous Mercedes B class that was pretty much brand new) to a little car park, with room for no more than maybe 10 cars at a push.

Park up (be weary of leaving valuables in the car, it’s a tourist hotspot so cars here are often targeted), put on your sensible shoes and get walking! You’ll find a friendly local in the car park happy to direct you, the viewing point for Es Vedra is a fifteen minute hike west, that’s easy enough to travel, if a little uneven and hot.

We wondered along the path, chatting, swapping water bottles and complaining about the heat, but when we finally spotted Es Vedra, I think we all let out a little gasp. It’s a truely stunning view, but more than that the energy here is palpable. You can really feel the air around you humming, it’s really quite something.

Es Vedra is the subject of a fair few legends, it’s rumoured to be the birthplace of sirens and sea-nymphs, the birthplace of gods and perhaps, most commonly, the tip of the lost continent of Atlantis. Whatever it is, it’s a place with crazy energy, a real spiritual destination. Had the sun not been so blazing hot we’d have loved to have spent some time meditating here!

So if you’re visiting Ibiza, add Es Vedra to your list. Pack your sensible shoes, a lot of water, and spend some time enjoying the beauty + energy here. Legend has it if you make a wish as Es Vedra comes into view, it’ll come true!

Big thanks to Enterprise for sending us to Ibiza, and challenging us to head off the beaten track in our car! We never would have had these experiences if it wasn’t for them and for that I’m eternally grateful.

Big shout out also to my #balearicbabes, Jess, Leigh, Kelly and Lauren. You guys rock, and I hope we get to travel together again soon!