Where To Eat in Ibiza: Passion Cafe

Arriving in Ibiza after a long travel day and then a quick (and very necessary) dip in the pool, we realised evening was fast approaching and we hadn’t eaten since 9am – unacceptable I know. Luckily, mega babe Lauren had sussed out a list of vegan friendly places to eat in advance, so we picked the closest name on the list and headed straight to the closest one, Passion Cafe in Santa Eulalia.

A quick 15 minute drive in our Enterprise rent-a-car (I think we spent longer trying to park than we did driving) and we were pulling up chairs outside Passion Cafe, overlooking the harbour in Santa Eulalia. Small but perfectly formed, the restaurant seems to do a bit of everything, with some impressive looking cakes, smoothies, oreo milkshakes, burgers, salads, the works! They even had a staggering collection of Teapigs teas for you to take home, my kinda place. We got the beers in and started pouring over the menus.

At this point I was so hungry I was starting to get a little grumpy, so there was only one solution – carbs! I ordered a bowl of the creamy pesto pasta and man did it hit the spot! Perfectly cooked spaghetti (slightly al dente, just how I like it), twirled in a creamy pesto sauce, with sundried tomatoes and chicken. It was a generous portion, delicious and it really hit the spot! I felt a bit weird gorging on pasta in the 34 degree heat but sometimes needs must!

The girls probably ordered a little wiser than me, opting for more healthy/weather appropriate foods! Jess ordered the halloumi burger, which I’ll admit to being a little envious of. A generous helping of grilled cheese in a delicious looking herb encrusted bun and a mountain of chips – delish. Kelly ordered the Mexican Salad, which looked equally dreamy, quinoa and avocado piled high on her plate, whilst Leigh and Lauren both opted for the vegan burger, which looked disturbingly like real meat.

Plates clear + bellies full, we paid the bill and took an obligatory stroll round the Santa Eulalia harbour, which turned into a mini photoshoot (as hanging out with bloggers generally does!). It’s a pretty area of Ibiza, there’s a lot going on but it’s not overly touristy. We ate a little early, so it was still pretty quiet around, meaning we didn’t have to battle with people in the background of our photos!

This was our first proper meal together as a group and whilst I admit, I was pretty nervous about the prospect of travelling with a group of girls I didn’t know so well (Lauren and I go way back, Kelly and I have hung out a few times but I’d never met Leigh or Jess before), it was so amazing to click as a group straight away. We chatted easily over dinner, directed each other for photos in the harbour, then headed to the hotel with a bottle of wine (or four), where we sat for hours in the garden chatting, drinking and putting the worlds to rights.

Turns out that’s a little too much wine for me though, I went to bed with some serious room spin!

So Passion Cafe & Santa Eulalia got a serious thumbs up from us! Stay tuned for our first full day in Ibiza, and the antics we got up to!

Our trip to Ibiza was courtesy of Enterprise, but all ramblings about carbs are my own.