Where To Eat In Ibiza: Can Domingo

Our second (and last, sob!) night in Ibiza simply had to be a decadent affair. Over forty eight hours the five of us had had so much fun, we were sad that the end of our trip was fast approaching. We decided we simply had to don our glad rags and head somewhere beautiful for our final dinner on the island, and Can Domingo fit the bill.

The beautiful courtyard I mentioned in my post all about the hotel was the perfect spot for a pre dinner photo session! I miss these white washed walls, the cosy grey sofas and pretty flowers so much!

Putting any clothes on in the Ibiza heat was certainly something of a challenge, so attempting a long sleeved dress was certainly brave, but I loved the ruffle and sleeve detail on this dress, and I ended up matching the restaurant decor quite well! Once we left the comfort of the air conditioned car the sun was almost set, so the heat was a little more bearable anyway!

Once again we consulted the oracle that is Lauren for dinner locations, and we were all super keen on Can Domingo. An Italian restaurant nestled into the San Jose hills, the restaurant sparked our interest with it’s menu full of homemade pastas and locally grown organic veggies, and won points for it’s menu with vegan options for our herbivore friends.

So we hopped in our Enterprise rental car, and got on the road!

Can Domingo was a good hours drive from our hotel, but my was it worth the trip. You turn off a main road and spend ten minutes travelling down a dirt track, to pull up at the secluded restaurant. It’s worth noting we booked our table that afternoon and I’m glad we did, I’m not sure they’d have been able to seat us had we not. Our table was booked for 8.30 and by the time we left there wasn’t an empty table in the place.

Pulling up at Can Domingo is a little like pulling up at someones house. There’s a small car park, and then you make your way through a side gateway into what seems to be a garden. It’s like walking into a secret fairytale garden, a patio smattered with tables, mood lighting and parasols, looking out over the scenic mountainside. The patio spreads around the back of the building with panoramic views – from what I saw all the tables are outside, and why not, they certainly have the weather for it!

We were seated and immediately bought bottles of ice cold still water and a basket of bread (and then another because we were pretty hungry) to nibble on while we perused the menu. We certainly needed sustenance to get through that, there’s so many delicious dishes to pick from!

The bread was delicious, rosemary focaccia, tomato and basil loaf, crispy toasted sourdough, bread sticks and dinner rolls, all made fresh each evening on site. Served up with what we think was some kind of beetroot hummus, and a good serving of fresh butter!

I settled on the Paccheri all Amatriciana, delicious fresh Paccheri pasta, in a chilli and garlic tomato sauce with bacon, crispy onions and a generous helping of pecorino cheese and fresh cherry tomatoes from the garden. It was melt in the mouth delicious, one of, if not the best pasta dish I’ve ever had. It’s worth noting here that the portion sizes are designed to reflect a menu where you have at least two courses, but I found it to be the perfect amount to satisfy my hunger without making me feel bloated!

I couldn’t resist the fresh Tarte Aux Citron for desert, and I’m glad I didn’t! Creamy lemon curd in fresh baked pastry, mini meringue swirls and a fresh raspberry, it was perfection!

When we asked for the bill we were given a choice of drink for a complimentary post dinner aperetif. Lauren doesn’t drink and I was designated driver so we passed, but the others all opted for a shot of Heirbas, a traditional Ibizan liquor made with thyme, rosemary, fennel and orange peel. It smelt like cough medicine but I was assured it tasted better! They also bought a little bowl of homemade italian chocolates with the bill which was a nice touch!

We had such a lovely last evening in Ibiza, eating delicious food, watching the sun dip behind the mountains, and enjoying the peaceful, chilled out vibes at Can Domingo. The meal was on the pricey side (around 23€ for a main) but worth every penny for the gorgeous homemade food and welcoming atmosphere.

If you’re looking for somewhere special in Ibiza, look no further!